When the women’s football team won the gold medal, Zhou shen-forwarded the official media dynamics and posted congratulatory messages online. His high eq performance aroused hot discussion

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High-quality idol, man deep weeks during the Spring Festival, and frequently appears in the stage of TV’s Spring Festival, bringing us more breathtaking brilliant performances, side busy Spring Festival gala show, help a good addition to the Beijing Olympics, not the kui is a “model of labor,” in Chinese music almost every day can bring us different degree of surprise believe that many people are like me,Deep winter Olympics since weeks at sang a new song “fish” has always been immersed, difficult to extricate themselves, later in the competition also played the songs, visible weeks deep influence how powerful, you know, not any a singer of songs can be drafted by the winter Olympics, broadcast on the spot business ability is just one of, the singer and a number of standard,Must first icon should be some effect, but this week in deep, has been very perfect interpretation, as if all the time shine with the light of idol, not only the positive energy, specifically, there is sense of responsibility the stage, the audience, refer to their best side show come out, never to himself, anyone, in a variety show,Weeks deep one after infarction, the little prince is frequent fault output, in performing on the stage, weeks that star is the brightest, daily life would be much ground, no star shelf, treat any fans are very affinity in the eyes of the flow star fan is the fan, to keep a certain distance with them, and in the week, deep eyes fans’ born ‘is your own family,This is why there are so many people all like weeks deep, the real reason for once was deeply attracted by the glamour of emitted by zhou, it’s hard to take off powder, a series of his move, can always bring us a lot of touched take the soulful singing “star fish”, his feelings of athletes, properly merge into the lyrics, the official MV was published,Within 24 hours, the VR animation of “Star Fish” was created by Zhou Shen and The Beijing Federation of Literary and Art. Later, it will be launched in Beijing Library and science museum. Zhou Shen let science and technology plug in the wings, when the “big fish” on the page comes to life,It ‘across the Milky Way voice like sounds of nature to give this song has a pen, moving melody of the back to the top, with out continuous fermentation, but also eat the melon masses to understand because of the curved quiet life again clever, open like a fairy tale chapter, from a certain level, the songs is “big fish” counterpart,Although the conception of two song is different, but they all have one common feature, blunt the lyrics of aestheticism in a 25 seconds, MV picture really has been a “big fish” see here, millions of viewers said that is “star fish” with “big fish” the dream of linkage, the lyrics have depth, images have artistic conception, oval live broadcast can be countries,Deserves it, but this is not the key, the key is the idol weeks deep in every moment of the day watching the athletes daily dynamic, deep thought weeks will only focus on Beijing Olympic Games never thought, in addition to the winter Olympic Games, other events weeks deep concern, as the cut in the audience when immersed in a scene in the name of the Olympics, our women’s team title success, those of South Korea,Won the Asian cup nine crown, a fault first, the “iron roses again, never give up” the spirit of the show to acme play face men at the same time, also upended many passers-by understanding of women’s football, and weeks deep forward for the People’s Daily this good news, true feelings to cheer for the women’s Hershey, inadvertently a move,Attract countless young people begin to pay close attention to women’s this is the role of the idol, can affect a lot of young people in word and deed, in addition, zhou deep with the countless “crying” expression is not hard to find, women’s football this success, weeks deep than anyone happy, words can’t describe the excited mood, so will use the expression to replace, no nonsense,Feelings are expressed from the many fans, there is a marketing number to brush, said zhou deep just a singer, won for this kind of relationship with football pull not top half catch a horse, I can only say that slide in records, great well there is a saying ‘style and’ sports circles there is inevitable to contact with the entertainment circle always, black to black, dozen face finally still is his,Besides deep zhou, Beijing guys yishan zhang on weibo also published the latest dynamic deep posts have the same effect with weeks, weeks with deep expression, he is the picture of the rose, and the caption “I lost my voice.” don’t see is just a simple microblogging dynamic, but it can lead to cut in the resonance of the audience, and such a positive energy as weeks deep artists,He deserves everyone’s thumbs up, I wonder if you have any different views on this?Remember to favorites, share, like, one button three links!