Comments on Momo’s 1.65 million yuan loan for patients with mental disorders

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Specific issues need to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and cannot rely on the sympathy of the media and the public alone.In the live broadcast room, he is a spendy “Top brother”, lavishing thousands of dollars on the female anchors, and sending virtual gifts crazily. He can send more than 100,000 yuan in one night, which is nicknamed “director of poverty Alleviation Office” by the platform users.In reality, he is a mental patient with bipolar disorder. In order to relieve emptiness and anxiety, he is attracted by the passionate female anchor, and becomes more and more deeply.According to media reports, Yuan weizhi spent more than 1.65 million yuan on momo live streaming platform, all of which came from personal online loans.He changed his name to “QQ Jincicada” and once held the position of “Bang Yi Big Brother” in a live broadcast room.Photo: The new Yellow River in recent years, network broadcast is extremely popular.Those who get satisfaction from online live broadcast may be introverted in real life, but in the online world, they can face to face with handsome anchors and say a lot of things that they dare not say in real life.And it might be tempting to say thank you by saying your host’s name for a gift.Behind this false satisfaction, but need real money to pay, which often lead to a lot of family tragedy.In the past, there have been many reports of minors tipping anchors.If it is a child under the age of eight, he is a person without capacity for civil conduct, and his civil act shall be invalid;A minor over eight years of age shall be a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, and shall also be invalid if the civil juristic act performed is not purely for profit or is appropriate to his age and intelligence, and has not been agreed or ratified by his legal representative.By contrast, the effectiveness of live tipping for adults with mental disorders needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, not on the sympathy of the media and the public alone.The plight of Yuan Weizhi, especially his family, is indeed pitiful.Take the net loan money to reward the anchor, and up to more than 1.65 million yuan, which for an ordinary family, is a disaster.It would be a tragedy for any family to meet such a man.But now, Yuan has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which has won him a lot of sympathy from netizens.However, whether the platform should refund the money is a separate legal issue.Bipolar disorder is more of a mental disorder, belonging to a psychological disease, rather than a defect or injury in thinking, and it still has normal cognitive and behavioral abilities in the process of onset.Patients have emotional upsurge, sleep, increased speech activity, energetic and other disorders, but also common anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, the abuse of money and other psychiatric symptoms.In the onset, patients have little control over their language and behavior, and spending money can provide temporary stimulation and satisfaction.But in general, with aggressive treatment, most patients do well and live full and healthy lives.If Yuan Weizhi and his family claim that Momo should return the reward money, they need to provide evidence to prove that Yuan Weizhi is an adult who cannot fully recognize his own behavior every time he calls the reward host, which is a person with limited civil capacity, and his reward behavior is a civil legal act incompatible with his mental health status.As the report does not provide more relevant facts, we cannot make a professional legal judgment, which may need to be argued in court in the future.If we only deny the legal effect of all civil legal acts with adverse consequences, it is obviously not conducive to the stability of social transaction order.Of course, high top-up rewards impact mainstream values, and regulatory authorities need to further strengthen positive guidance and standardized management.Live broadcast platform more shall establish sound related exceptional service management rules, according to different category level network anchor accounts in such aspects as heat single-game total who, live reasonable limits, for a single virtual goods, single cap the reward amount is reasonable, the daily dozen reward amount accumulative total trigger corresponding threshold to remind users to consumption,Set the cooling-off period and delayed payment period when necessary.At the same time, the vast audience of network broadcast, it is more necessary to adhere to rational rewards, do not over-indulge in the pursuit of false satisfaction, so as not to leave regrets.Red Star News special commentator Shu Shengxiang editor Wang Yintao Red Star comment submission email: (download Red Star news, news prize!)