More wind speed H6S and wind power dance

2022-07-08 0 By

Haval H6 model is recognized as the king of sales under haval brand, and has been sitting at the top of the SUV sales list for many consecutive months.The upgraded H6S will show the “sport” incisively and vividly, integrating the sport gene into every place of the vehicle, bringing young consumers a new driving experience with more speed and passion.In terms of appearance, the H6S does not use the same family language as the H6, but a new black Shark aesthetic fluid shape, more different attitude.Black shark teeth in the net, add deterrence;All black wheels, more power.And in the interior, H6S is full of vitality, decorated with colorful lines interior, and equipped with 12.3 inch central control LCD screen, more advanced and texture.In terms of power, H6S carries 2.0t engine, the maximum power can reach 155 kW, the maximum torque is up to 325 NM, and adopts advanced technology such as Miller cycle, the thermal efficiency is up to 38%, the efficiency is more outstanding.Lemon DHT dual speed hybrid, increase the high speed ratio gear used in advance into the engine direct drive and overtaking, power, excellent economic performance, maximum power 179 kW, maximum torque 530 nm.In terms of intelligent technology, H6S has the full-field program FOTA upgrade, which can grow more powerful.Intelligent assisted driving in cruise scene, including ACC adaptive cruise, TJA traffic congestion assist, ICA intelligent cruise and other intelligent driving functions, covering the range of 1-150 MPH full speed.Parking scene intelligent auxiliary driving, including 50 meters track reversing, automatic parking, remote parking, even the novice is not afraid to park, become your strongest helper.In terms of safety, the H6S comes with a carrier-class body structure that becomes your mobile fortress.72% high strength steel body + integrated thermoforming door frame protection, protect the life safety of drivers and passengers.Omnidirectional 6 airbag, using Alto airbag, millisecond response, more secure.Taken together, H6S is indeed very outstanding in all aspects, and more in line with the imagination of contemporary young people to love cars.We hope that in the future, H6S can win the favor of more consumers without fear of difficulties.