How to optimize the medical service, this provincial hospital asked you to give advice

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With the implementation of the three-child policy, the ivf business of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital has exceeded the peak in 2018 since October 2021.After the Spring Festival holiday, the outpatient clinic ushered in a new round of small peak.In order to better serve the needs of the masses, enhance medical quality and improve medical experience, Guangdong Reproductive Hospital held a quality service mobilization conference on February 8 to optimize the medical service process from the perspective of patients’ families.Reproductive hospital of guangdong province in 2022 launched a high-quality service action to promote five service satisfy the general for the crowd, party secretary of dean Li Guanming hospital service mobilization meeting, party secretary of the hospital, dean Li Guanming mobilize all the staff for doing good service practitioners, the convenience for patients, the difficult to yourself, but the patient’s satisfaction as the touchstone of work.”We advocate the service concept of ‘patient-centered, employee-centered’, constantly improve the quality of medical services, and provide patients with high-quality, safe and satisfactory medical services”.Guangdong Reproductive Hospital takes the action of quality service as the key work in 2022, and requires the medical staff in the hospital to focus on key points and implement them, accurately grasp the main tasks of the action. Everyone participates and everyone is responsible for the action. Specific and implementable plans are formulated “patient-centered”, and the first visit responsibility system is implemented.The implementation of sincere service, happy service, smile service, understanding service, team service five services;At the same time, we will strengthen organization and coordination to ensure that our actions are effective.Through the development of high-quality service activities, the hospital management has been strengthened, and the quality of medical service has reached the requirements of “the masses add benefits, medical staff are encouraged, medical institutions increase vitality, and economic and social development”.At the meeting, Li Longquan, head of the Medical and Education Department, made an understanding of the Implementation Plan of High-quality Service Action of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital, and put forward a package of measures to optimize the medical treatment process and improve the medical experience centering on the needs of patients.”We see dozens or even hundreds of patients every day, and patients only see one you…”Shu Xiaomei, the director of the nursing department, trained hospital service etiquette, advocating active reception, active care, active comfort service awareness, so that every patient can feel the kindness and warmth of the medical staff.Guangdong Provincial Reproductive Hospital is the only provincial reproductive hospital in Guangdong province, with reproductive medicine Center, andrology, gynecology, eugenic genetics, reproductive immunity, reproductive endocrinology, reproductive Traditional Chinese medicine, reproductive health examination and other specialized departments.It has the only key Laboratory of Male Reproduction and Genetics of the National Health Commission, the training base of human Sperm bank of the National Health Commission and the only human sperm bank of Guangdong Province in reproductive specialty in Guangdong Province, providing comprehensive and refined reproductive pregnancy assistance services for patients.Based on the needs of patients, Guangdong Reproductive Hospital innovatively launched a series of national leading personalized medical services based on the advantages of special specialties.For example, the first male fertility protection center and male fertility preservation clinic in China have been set up, and the volume of self-fertilization preservation business ranks first in China.The country’s first humanized artificial intelligence matching system for sperm supply has been launched to select sperm “most similar” to their husbands from multiple dimensions such as blood type, body shape and face shape, benefiting more than 400 families.Launched the province’s first MDT clinic for reproductive experts, which provides services from Monday to Friday, to provide one-stop diagnosis and treatment services for patients;Launched the province’s first insurance product for test-tube baby transplantation — Pregnancy booster;Personalized care will be provided, including professional evaluation and psychological counseling by nursing staff with psychological consultant certificates, and help patients make reproductive health plans.In order to optimize the medical service environment and improve medical experience, Guangdong Reproductive Hospital beautify the hospital environment in 2021, and opened the newly upgraded outpatient department in December. The bright environment and convenient experience are well received by the public.”Quality service action will be the key work of the hospital in 2022. We will consider the convenience and satisfaction of patients as the starting point and goal of our work.”Li Guanming said, in addition to the upgrade of the environment, equipment and other hardware, but also in the information construction, service awareness and other “soft power” iteration upgrade, extensive solicitation of patient advice, while carrying out “if I am a patient…Transposition of experience, from the perspective of patients seeking pain points and difficult points and plugging point, “experience – feedback – rectification – look back”, make an appointment to the hospital for medical treatment from experience the whole process optimization, make information more running, patients with less walk, make patients “only run a” “don’t walk back” the high quality convenient process, maximize the safeguard the reproductive health rights and interests of patients.Writing: Nandu reporter Wang Daobin correspondent Zhang Jing