New Oriental Live has brought 4.5 million goods in the past two months, and netizens say its transformation is difficult

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On February 20, Red Star Capital Bureau learned that New Oriental (09901.HK;EDU.US) after the transformation of live broadcast with goods, nearly two months of sales only 4.5 million yuan.According to Xindoudata, since its launch on December 28, Oriental Selection has accumulated 335 pieces of goods with a total sales of 4.5476 million yuan and 81,400 pieces.On its biggest single day, Oriental Selection sold 11,000 items.In two months, Oriental Reserve broadcast 27 times, which is not high.The total number of viewers of the live broadcast reached 3.316 million, the peak popularity of a single show was 15,900, and the average sales volume was 173,700 yuan.In terms of the number of fans, since the premiere, the total number of fans of Oriental Selection is 21,700, an increase of 154,300 fans.In terms of livestream products, by February 17, Oriental Selection had sold a total of 15,000 products with a unit price of less than 50 YUAN.More than 3200 pieces of goods with a unit price of 50 to 100 yuan;More than 1500 pieces of goods with a unit price between 100 and 300 yuan;Sales of goods priced over 300 yuan are almost negligible.In addition, most of the commodities are fruit, beef and mutton and other agricultural products.On February 16, Yu Minhong said in his personal public account that this winter holiday, K9 business in response to the national policy all stopped, New Oriental has had the quietest winter holiday since its establishment.In addition, during the Spring Festival, the supply chain and logistics of agricultural products failed to catch up, Oriental Selection also stopped live streaming.We’re working now. We’ll be back on the air.New Oriental transformation live, has been the focus of netizens.”Not everyone is Luo Yonghao”, “Selling books may be more suitable for Yu Minhong”, “After watching his two live broadcasts, it is not very interesting”. Some netizens also said that new Oriental should be given more time to see the effect.Red Star news reporter Yu Yao Xie Yutong editor Yu Dongmei (download red Star news, report awards!