Total investment 10.11 billion!Major projects in Jinniu District of Chengdu were started in the first quarter of 2022

2022-07-10 0 By

On February 18, the centralized commencement ceremony of major projects in Jinniu District in the first quarter of 2022 and AI Digital Intelligence Yuan project was held.At the scene of the event, “Xiaowei”, the virtual AI intelligent butler of THE AI Digital Intelligence Yuan project, opened the commencement ceremony.It is understood that this starts with a total of 10 projects, a total investment of 10.11 billion yuan, include the AI successfully digital yuan, China merchants future industry development projects, such as garden city, ambassador for affordable housing projects, such as rental housing, as well as the panda ring road, five stone middle school of tourism, jinquan sports park underground parking and other public facilities projects.Among them, as the major industrial development project launched this time, the AI digital Intelligence Unit project has attracted the most attention.The project covers an area of 79 mu, with “return to humanism” as the core idea, the layout space, form a complete set of intelligent motion, incubation headquarters wisdom kechuang exhibition center, Shared services cloud valley, AI business experience five big functions plates, each wisdom creative space series, building “one city” fusion of artificial intelligence industry park, benchmarking to realize the core target of artificial intelligence innovation entrepreneurship.In the future, the AI digital Intelligence Yuan project will create a benchmark for intelligent industrial parks and attract more excellent enterprises to settle in them for common development.In recent years, the thesis seize artificial intelligence circuit layout, at the same time keep out a series of policies to promote the development of economy, high quality “package”, thesis, said an official with the relevant thesis will continue to implement the rescue enterprise policy, continue to create a first-class environment for enterprises bigger and stronger, to provide quality services, Taurus enterprises hand in hand altogether will create the glorious future together.