Xinhua Times review: epidemic prevention and control do not relax, great meaning

2022-07-10 0 By

China’s epidemic prevention and control situation is complex and grim.The epidemic has repeatedly reminded us that the fight against the epidemic cannot be completed overnight, and that the wily virus will exploit any loophole in prevention and control to fight back. To win the protracted war, we must be resolute, scientific, precise and efficient in dealing with it. We must not fear any difficulties or let go of any hidden dangers.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we have unswervingly adhered to the general strategy of “preventing imports from abroad and preventing rebound at home” and the general policy of “dynamic zero-out”, and made remarkable achievements in fighting the epidemic.However, after more than two years of continuous fighting, there have been some omissions in local management, and some of the details of the fight against the epidemic are not tight enough and not solid enough.Special times call for a special spirit and a special sense of responsibility.We should not be paralyzed and relaxed because of long duration, high pressure and fatigue, nor should we relax our vigilance and fluke our strength because of previous achievements.If you don’t reach the finish line, you can’t say success and stop.At present, prevention and control work is being carried out strictly in hard-hit areas. Nucleic acid screening should be carried out more widely, screening and screening should be carried out more quickly, transshipment and quarantine should be carried out more promptly, centralized isolation, home isolation, containment and control areas should be implemented more strictly, and community transmission should be blocked more thoroughly.We must be very cautious, play up the spirit of 12 points to win the virus, and strive to achieve social zero in the shortest time.Special period, but also linked, penny-pinching rigorous and meticulous.In the race against the virus, any link and process, even the slightest mistake, may affect the overall pace and effectiveness of the epidemic prevention.Reality requires that everyone is the first person responsible for the epidemic prevention, and everyone is on the front line of epidemic prevention. Only when everyone does his/her duty well at every point, does not make trouble at home, does not relax at the front line, and helps each other to overcome difficulties can we build a solid barrier against epidemic prevention.For more than two years, we have been treading on thin ice and preparing for the outbreak. We have withstood one test after another and continuously improved our understanding of the virus and our ability to prevent and control it.At present, it is all the more important for us to carry out epidemic prevention and control with greater determination, greater speed and greater efficiency, and win the tough battle against local clusters as soon as possible.