Di Maria said before the game did not want to play against Real Madrid, but he once wanted to join Barcelona for Messi!

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On February 16, The Greater Paris beat Real Madrid 1-0 to make a strong start to the Champions League knockout round, proving that they match the expected competitiveness in the high-end game and are the favourites to win the title.Greater Paris had proved their case against fellow Champions League favourites Manchester City 2-0 in the group stage, but that was a poor game and not of high quality.In theory, this is what Greater Paris still has.Some of the players in Greater Paris played well, such as mbappe, the winner, and Velatti, who was full of enthusiasm. Some players were not sure because he did not play, and that was Donnaruma.Some players came up to warm up, like Neymar.As the world’s no. 1 Messi, facing old opponents, played a level of personal commentary.No stats, wasted penalties and mediocre penetration, but Messi’s passing is still masterful and his vision has certainly not diminished with age.Messi has performed below average in Greater Paris this season, but the dressing room has given him plenty of support.Everyone from Kylian Mbappe to Ashraf has repeatedly hailed Messi as the world number one, believing it is only a matter of time before he maximises his role in greater Paris.This view is supported by peers and rivals, such as Real Madrid boss Karim Benzema, who said Messi would definitely make it in Greater Paris.Benzema has three more things to say about Messi: Those who criticize Messi don’t understand football;Messi is too great to talk about;If you talk about Messi, you have to talk about football.Such is Messi’s personality that he can conquer teammates, rivals: peers and celebrities.There’s no need to prove it. There’s always material.For example, Di Maria, the Argentine and Greater Paris star who has praised Messi many times, said in an interview before the Match against Real Madrid that he did not want to play against Real Madrid, but he once wanted to join Barcelona for Messi!Di Maria said before the game: The Champions League real Madrid too coincidence!Greater Paris, to some extent, do not want to play Real Madrid.But it’s good to be on the pitch with old friends and to see them reminds me of winning so many championships with Real Madrid.But do not want to play Real Madrid is also real Madrid famous di Maria, but once for the personality charm of Messi, joined Barca.Di Maria told the media last year that he was very close to joining Barcelona, and the only reason was to play alongside Messi.Di Maria was delighted when Messi left Barcelona and had the chance to join greater Paris, as he had always dreamed of playing alongside him at his club.After his dream came true, Di Maria said it was the best and unique thing that had ever happened to him.Real Madrid star Angel di Maria has decided to join his old rivals Barcelona in order to play alongside Lionel Messi. It’s true love.