Suitable for daily life scene of the little sister next door style, 5 sets of wear for your reference

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At first look inconspicuous collocation, wear the affinity of the little sister next door however!Full of gentle feeling, sweet feeling, such wear in addition to the style, the biggest advantage is that you do not need to spend too much idea to purchase, to match, are generally basic money, may be in your almirah, but the girl is generally on the clothes into the almirah “selective forget”.Here are 5 ways to reinvigorate old favorites in your closet.ROSE jeans are easy to wear for no one.A high-waisted version, with longer legs in a high-waisted design.Loose waist, loose thighs, suitable for most people’s figure.The low front and high back style can make the legs look long, the whole is not too short, and can be worn stably.The natural hem cut is suitable for everyday wear on any occasion.Casual suits are really durable and when I don’t know how to put it together, I just wear a suit because I don’t have to put any effort into it.This is a knitted hoodie suit, it is full of leisure feeling to wear in early autumn, the loose version of hoodie jacket, can cover the flesh and show thin, plus its hoodie design, no problem to reduce the age of wind, completely not pick people.Small slit short denim skirt to introduce a little personality denim skirt, cotton blended fabric elasticity is good, fine wool washing, camel thread is the focus.High-waisted double-belt buttons are fastened to the waist, with slits on both sides of the hem for extra vitality.In addition, the lining of pants with the same fabric reduces the burden and will not be too thick, which is absolutely recommended to wear in summer.The front can be closed with buttons and zippers, and there are pockets on both front and back for use.Young people now have a lot of freedom in what they can wear, which is beautiful and comfortable 365 days a year.Satin One Shoulder T-shirt This is a classic matching line, shoulder pleats, with a beautiful shoulder line and elegant side line, it is full of femininity.Simple but with a good sense of atmosphere, depending on how you match, from a comfortable T-shirt to a shirt, can be no burden matching, model little Sister is two groups of T-shirt matching pictures, if you wear with matching pants, the integrity will be stronger.A loose-fitting version of the long-sleeved basketball hoodie, it is suitable for anyone without feeling overdone.It creates a refined silhouette without being bulky.Feminine lines and comfort.To create a sense of street atmosphere, this is definitely a collectible.Soft texture, pure cotton fabric, wet body 360 degrees without dead Angle, every Angle is very beautiful.It feels like body skin, very strong overall feeling, natural fashion, neither too thin nor too thick, spring, summer, autumn and winter, in any season, such as between seasons can be worn.And boyfriends can wear it, too. No problem.This issue to talk about here, like attention not lost.Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments section. Listen carefully to each and every one of them. Your opinion may be the subject of the next issue.Collocation problems can leave a message, xiaobian will answer one by one.Keep an eye on Sivan and wear beautiful new clothes every day!