Financial champion wine why up to more than 100,000

2022-07-12 0 By

Why did the price of Caizhuangyuan wine soar by more than 100,000 yuan?This is not an isolated case, but a general case in the wine industry, like Lafite, how much was lafite in ’82?A bottle of Lafite cost just £255, compared with £3,297 in 2010.Its price rose more than ten times, until now, the increase has been more than thirty times, in 1982 Lafite known production of more than 300,000 bottles.According to this comparison, Caizhuangyuan wine tastes as good as Lafite, and its production is much lower than Lafite. The annual production is only 60,000 bottles, so it is not surprising that its price has risen by more than 100,000 bottles.According to the white Paper on China’s Food Consumption Trend 2021, the increase of ordinary wine will be about three to six times between 2020 and 2021, which is also the main reason why China’s liquor sector will lead the stock market in 2021. As a rare and excellent financial Champion wine, it is not surprising that the increase will reach more than 100,000 yuan.