Innovative international marketing mode | Peruvian beauty racer take you to play JS8

2022-07-12 0 By

In February 2022, JS8 made a strong debut in Peru.Maje Esquivel, a well-known local female racer, was invited as JS8 chief Experience Officer to show users the most real car experience.As the first seven-seat SUV launched in Peru by JS8 group, the JS8 launch introduces the concept of “super partner”. Maje, as the CHIEF experience officer of JS8, carries out all-round in-depth evaluation of JS8 based on his 11 years of racing experience.And proudly showed all users the amazing experience brought by JS8 in the live broadcast.Daily travel, convenient experience, bring good mood friends, high-tech configuration let friends shine at the moment of family travel, large space for unlimited wonderful family time into the Peruvian market since 2006, jiang steam group deep each segment of the market and innovative marketing mode, is committed to provide users with the best quality products and the most thoughtful service, won the user’s recognition and support.In 2021, 3,679 vehicles were sold in Peru, ranking second in the SUV market of Chinese brands.In the era of information explosion, the widespread popularity of mobile Internet, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies promote the digital upgrading of the automobile industry.Jac group follows the trend of The Times, promotes digital transformation, innovates communication forms, and is committed to providing more convenient and more pleasant car experience for global users.Mexico J7 live press conference, with the help of the latest VR technology means, to create an online virtual exhibition hall, to achieve users online 360 degrees without dead Angle car viewing.JAC Group Alibaba International brand Image Store, focusing on the promotion and sales of JAC vehicles and pure parts products, has grown into a five-star store in Alibaba International station, the total global sales in 2021 will exceed 400 million yuan.New energy remote monitoring platform, realize vehicle risk warning, timely maintenance rate reaches 100%, so that quality service is everywhere.In the New Year, JAC group will take customers as the center, integrate high-quality resources at home and abroad, continuously cultivate core capabilities, establish competitive advantages in international business, and create international high-quality cars made in China for global users.