Little Marco wants to cry no tears!Tencent is angry, netizens: enterprise reform depends on after 00!

2022-07-12 0 By

Tencent has become a hot search topic again, this time due to the anger of the management of Tencent enterprise wechat caused by a fresh graduate employee who was required to work overtime due to the mass of people in the department.Tencent has had a bit of bad luck in recent years, constantly angry with interns and fresh students, once Nanshan Pizza Hut to now meet these fledgling people, but also a head two big.Say this fresh graduates is outspoken, do speak a lot of people dare to anger can’t speak it, and tencent is out of a “sustained high strength work” reward, what is this operation, aren’t you being a metaphor in overtime to get the favour of the company, this is the differences and now the mainstream values, it is no wonder that will be the somebody else the fresh raw anger Dui,So in that respect, it’s a good thing.The fresh graduates is whatever is inside the group, don’t consider these words out consequences, but also specifically, these words are harmless, is to want to ask these leaders, is late one day, the enterprise is WeChat will soon collapse, website delayed a day online, is this for the moment the customer will run to the other brands,To be honest, this is really good. Why do these executives never care about the lives of their employees? From the past, we can see that many programmers die of sudden death because of continuous hd work.In, of course, the man also have the courage, anger Dui tencent executives also showed that will resign tomorrow, but also need various aspects don’t review, hope to have a good year, it is now the idea of young people, to do that I’ll quit, don’t affect my resignation, can say now in the face of the leadership of the 90 after even after 8:00, more and more feel overwhelmed,In fact, with the progress of The Times, young people continue to wake up, exploitation and oppression may gradually disappear in the future, and those inner coils may also start to end from this matter., tencent not the kui is tencent, for belonging to or mild, soon executives said, “let you were disappointed in the team, I have a responsibility, here I can see you really, we want to advocate more is deformed in the implementation process, I know the depth, we’ll think of some way to go to normalization, we can see, the leadership of theI’ll probably talk to you more about it, and THEN I’ll want to talk to you more about it.”From here can see that tencent is still quite good of, holding the attitude to communication to solve the problem, but the fresh graduates, actually can also be the result of the expected this place in shenzhen, tencent should be fresh graduates better choice, and tencent is certainly do not set up now, so if it is technical, you may also issue is not big, but if not,The likelihood later period is in Internet this industry inside do not have good action.However, in fact, this situation is also common in private enterprises, which is impossible to do. The essence of a company is that employees create benefits for it, and employees must sacrifice their own time and energy and health to create benefits, but the return of private enterprises is relatively high.All companies are profit-driven, all bosses want to make a profit, all companies exploit their employees to a greater or lesser extent, but that can change.What we need to think about is, why only fresh graduates dare to speak out?