Pay attention!Jinan social security card can be extracted housing provident fund

2022-07-12 0 By

The reporter learned from jinan Social insurance center that in order to implement the application requirements of social security card “one-card”, Jinan Social Security Center and Jinan Housing Provident Fund Center jointly launched social security card withdrawal housing provident fund service.Real-time connection between social security card management system and provident fund business system is realized through data sharing and interconnection between departments.From now on, ji ‘nan provident fund deposit workers in the withdrawal of provident fund can choose to withdraw to my social security card.Jinan Social Insurance Center staff introduction: “We and Jinan Housing Provident Fund center jointly to provide this service, so that employees who have paid in offline withdrawal business, without providing bank cards, directly withdraw the provident fund into their social security card.Through the system, the staff can automatically obtain the social security card financial account information of the extractor, no longer need to manually input the bank card number, but also avoid the extractor without the card, the wrong card and other problems, truly achieve convenience and benefit to the people.”It is understood that the social security card has a wide range of functions, including identity certificate, information record, self-service inquiry, medical settlement, payment and treatment, financial payment and other functions.In addition, as a kind of bank account, social security card has the advantages of convenient cash withdrawal, transfer, consumption and other functions.Jinan Social Security Center kindly reminds that if the withdrawer does not activate the social security card financial account, the release of provident fund will not be affected. However, when the fund is withdrawn, if the social security card financial account is not activated, the withdrawer should bring the social security card and ID card to any branch of the issuing bank to activate it.At present, the city support for provident fund withdrawal business social security card business card printing banks mainly include: Bank of China, agricultural Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, postal savings Bank.Source: Love Jinan news client