Son in law on the second day of the year

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The sixties and seventies!Although the family is poor, but at that time, naturally active make vigorous big, because we are young.The second day of middle school this day, is the girl to return home day.After breakfast, we, the unmarried couple, were sunning ourselves on the north wall.It’s warmer with a little wind at your back.But just start spring a small northwest wind blowing, or a little cold!Our head horse big tiger!A fist clenched chest patted say!That’s the meaning of the shocks here!Today is the day that the girl returns home, the new son-in-law must come!We had four girls on the team years ago. Let’s go!Give the sons-in-law makeup, weigh, let them have a good time!Aunt Ma from the east end of the village!She is a good person, two years ago just got married, daughter son-in-law we are also familiar!Go!Make fun of him first.Haven’t entered her house, her smallest ‘bushy newspaper’, see us carrying a wooden pole said, carrying the bowl of pot bottom ash!Hee hee ha ha of blunt her home came, ran home like a slip of smoke!We haven’t even heard her out yet!We’re in.”The big niang!”Who’s coming!Make such delicious dishes!You also don’t call the ans, the ans smell the smell come!New son-in-law a look at this group of people this set, hurriedly stand up from the table to pick up cigarettes, bow and bow to everyone to respect cigarettes!’What are you doing here?Five people and six people sitting in the front seat!Ive come to wish you a Happy New Year!You don’t even call me dad! You don’t know the numbers!The ans small three, quick with cotton dips in point pot bottom ash, according to son-in-law white tender face, scrape together wipe two, son-in-law immediately became ‘hua Lao bao’.As early as the second son behind the son-in-law, son-in-law waist one embrace, small three, small four one copy a leg!I also have no idle, take a square stool toward bottom a put!One, two, three, squat him!Aunt quickly stop!Eldest brother pull her, happy skin smiling face of say!No, no, no, no, no, no, no!The son-in-law begged that it wouldn’t work!The second said to raise a point, let him see, Taiwan’s old Chiang knows the New Year!I quickly put a cushion on the stool!Looking at the noisy for a while, the old man with the seat just come forward to stop, we let go of the breathless son-in-law!Everyone roared with laughter!The eldest brother picked up the pole and said;The boy’s got a lot of energy!Let’s call him!Look how much he can eat!Good according to eat catty charge!The aunt hurriedly say: “collect what fee ah, have already prepared for you!Take wine and smoke, 嫑 noisy, take it away!The Lees also have a new son-in-law!We also borrowed the slope of the donkey, went to the Four Li.In our here, the second day is the girl back home is an unwritten rule distance!A new son-in-law is a new relative!Is a noble!Let him sit at the top of the table, regardless of his age!But make son-in-law this link cannot be little!No one makes fun of a son-in-law!People will say it’s not busy!This family doesn’t take advantage of being ignored.You’ve never seen this before!Photo from photo gallery