Tomb-sweeping Day to yuhua Cadillac to spend a long holiday with you

2022-07-12 0 By

Tomb-sweeping day, and to the spring outing season, when flowers full branches, delicate and colorful, if not to appreciate this gave birth to a year of romance, did not live up to the blooming flowers?However, the prevention and control of the epidemic is extremely important, so don’t forget to reduce the gathering, or drive your own car to a place where no one else can enjoy the flowers!At this time of year, safe travel is key.Come to Yuhua Cadillac for a long holiday!XT4:2021 model 40,000 discount, the current car technology white, leading white and red each one, a distinguished white;202xT5 discount 10,000 XT5: discount 50,000, the current car 2021 fuel edition XT5 luxury white, light mix XT5 four-wheel drive luxury, four-wheel drive distinguished XT6: discount 50,000, the current car 6 seats luxury, four-wheel drive luxury CT4: discount 10,000, the current car fashion white one, luxury red one CT5: discount 30,000, the current car is mainly luxury CT6:1, CT6, XT5, XT6: this product replacement (Buick /Chevrolet/ Cadillac) enjoy 5000 yuan cash +5000 yuan cash equivalent member points;2, CT4, CT5, XT4: This product replacement (Buick /Chevrolet/ Cadillac) enjoy RMB 3000 cash + RMB 3000 cash equivalent member points;Non-this product replacement enjoy 3000 yuan cash equivalent member product share professional free evaluation, replacement of the whole car to the highest value of 10000 yuan car subsidies recommended successful car purchase 10000 Cadillac brand club points reward test drive: to the store test drive will send Cadillac exclusive Year of the Tiger toy raffle:Car ordering customers to participate in the blind box lottery, boutique Cadillac gift waiting for you evaluation gift: any brand of vehicles to the store can participate in the Cadillac manufacturer official certification appraiser free evaluation financial gift: Cadillac manufacturer financial honor to enjoy 10 years fixed loan 0 interest policyAt the intersection of Beijing Road and Wenquan Road, Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province (Hedong Yuantong Automobile Supermarket) go out to enjoy flowers, car is essential.The car is safe and reliable, people can carry things, come to Yuhua Cadillac to take your car, let you harvest a not simple exclusive memories in this spring ~~