20220211 morning, missed opportunity

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20220211 Morning, missed opportunity The first thing I’d like to say today is that I was mocked by the main force.Yesterday I did a failure of T, embarrassed retreat, xiamen xinda trading limit today.Second, at the opening, hublot shares just saw the opening of the board, unexpectedly did not have time to add positions, and then sealed.If I can add it today, this ticket will definitely be on my list of dragon slayers.Now profit is only more than 30 points, there are still two boards.Third, hengli industry after the opening of the next kill, should add cang, but confidence is not strong enough, hesitant.This is to criticize yourself.Now it’s up so much, I don’t want to chase it.If it is a mistake, let it stand and urge me to strengthen my confidence.A small retail investor of 15 years.Long-term research, hard practice of dragon slaying, to do speculation to support the family.Welcome to collect, add me, we come together to study stocks.It’s an honor to have you here.I also hope that investors can study the stock market. Although the stock market is a casino, we retail investors are in a weak position, so we need to strengthen our research.Head covered by luck to make money in the stock market era, has long passed, do not take their hard-earned money joke.Your appreciation is my motivation to keep Posting.Please give it a thumbs up!Strong disclaimer: my post is only to show their own research or operation content, not to recommend guidelines.If there is a sale, the responsibility is at your own risk.