Pencil in mouth!To make your mouth bigger!What a pain in the mouth!

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Hello everyone, welcome to the world of Shin-sayo manga, I am the editor of today’s cute manga.Last time we talked about ah shuai can’t bear the big face sister’s arrogance!Decide to compete with a sister with a big face to see who has a big mouth!Result a small big face younger sister’s first kiss so no!Today, I’m going to tell you how Ah Shuai made his mouth bigger!To piss off the big face!Oh, crap!Last time, A-a-a had a big mouth with a big face!Accidentally, two people so kiss, this is not what they want to see oh!Big face says she lost her maiden kiss!No way!Is better than!Ah decline is also unconvinced said than than!What do you mean?Big Face says whoever can stick a pencil in his mouth sideways wins!Well, this issue of “Ah Shuai” cartoon ends here, there are more wonderful funny stories to share with you one by one, remember to follow me, we will see you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the cartoonist can not help but eat a dictionary!Big mouth has advantages too!Ah shuai can’t stand the arrogance of big face!Ah decline challenge big face younger sister’s big mouth!