Actively handle public interest litigation in the field of production safety Hanzhong Procuratorial organs carefully protect the people

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In 2021, hanzhong Procuratorial organs always take a highly responsible attitude towards the people and public welfare, actively respond to social concerns, and seriously explore the handling of public welfare litigation cases in the field of work safety.Eliminate the road traffic safety hidden trouble In view of the damage of traffic lights, road signs set unreasonable, CMC damage, aging, and the ground elevation, the national road dry crops, roadway taking-up parking, municipal facilities set norms influence the traffic safety problem of 6 classes, such as, hanzhong procuratorial organs to relevant unit procuratorial suggestion 46 pieces, urge the relevant functional departments in accordance with the law takes office,Four traffic lights were maintained or added, 23 crosswalks and road lines were marked, 48 manhole covers were repaired or replaced, and road surfaces were cleaned and maintained for 8 times, effectively ensuring the safety of people’s travel.Urged to strengthen fire safety management For fire control in residential area, long-term closed channels parking vehicles, debris piled up, the electric car, bicycle fly line charging more than 40 a fire safety concerns, such as in hanzhong city prosecutors to relevant functional departments of procuratorial suggestion of 26 pieces, and through consultations, held seminars and other forms of positive role and urge the relevant functional departments,38 fire safety passages shall be cleaned in time, and 41 fire safety passages shall be demarcated.In accordance with the law, xixiang County Court urged relevant departments to thoroughly clean up the practice of “cable charging” in residential communities, installing charging piles in 32 residential communities, and installing charging piles in two public underground parking lots near xixiang No. 2 Middle School and Xixiang Chengbei Primary School, where traffic is heavy.Security guard the elevator To eliminate the safety hidden trouble, the procuratorial organs by visiting hanzhong city residential area of the February self-built buildings, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, places such as the elevator safety usage, to find the elevator did not register put on record, overdue not yearly check, maintenance is not timely, not set special equipment use safety problems, such as the label and warning label,23 procuratorial suggestions were made to relevant departments.The relevant administrative authorities attached great importance to elevator safety supervision and fully performed their duties in accordance with the law, ordered users to register and put on record in time, posted warning signs, strengthened inspection and maintenance of elevators, and eliminated potential safety hazards in time.Build a town gas security firewall Before heating season in 2021, grassland, procuratorial organs deployed to carry out the town gas supply special supervision activities, public interest litigation to exist in natural gas utility pipeline corrosion, rust, tie up gas pipeline gas pipeline safety concerns, such as to relevant functional departments of procuratorial suggestion 4 pieces, started to urge the administrative organs in accordance with the law,Eliminate the hidden danger of gas safety in time to ensure the safe operation of gas facilities.Next, grassland, procuratorial organs will continue to implement the preventive judicial idea, play to the public welfare lawsuit system of “no disease prevention and cure ahead” value, further supervise administrative authorities and strengthen the supervision and management in the field of safety production, strictly implement the production safety responsibility, guard against and dissolve the risk of safety in production, omni-directional protect people’s lives and property safety.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: