Does exercise really make skin better?Just look at the athletes at these Winter Olympics

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The winter Olympics in Beijing has attracted the most public attention recently.So far, China has won six gold MEDALS, four silver MEDALS and two bronze MEDALS, the best total number of gold MEDALS and MEDALS since China participated in the Winter Olympics.While following the Winter Olympics, Dr. Wang also saw an interesting topic online: Why do athletes have such good skin?I’m going to reveal the secrets today.Why to hold to motion skin to be able to ameliort?1, exercise can strengthen the blood circulation of the whole body, the meridians and collaterals of the whole body will become smooth, so that the skin will become fair.In addition, the athletes sweat a lot during the exercise, and the lighting on the field, the lens of the skin naturally become good, this is the same reason after taking a shower in the bathroom mirror skin is particularly good.2. In addition, people who persist in exercise for a long time will experience the hormonal stress state of adrenal gland, which can help improve the immunity and resistance of the human body and increase the basic metabolic rate of the human body.After exercise, the skin will become soft and will not produce excess fat, so the skin will become delicate. After exercise, the increased metabolism is conducive to the consumption of fat and strengthen the elasticity of muscles, showing the delicate skin.3, the ultraviolet radiation time is short, athletes do not participate in the competition need long-term training, generally carried out indoors, rarely in the sun.As we all know, ultraviolet rays from the sun are one of the factors that accelerate skin aging, so athletes’ skin looks better.So, staying active is really good for maintaining skin.My name is Wang Xianglan. I focus on the research and popularization of various diseases in dermatology on “we media” platform.You can pay attention to me, comments or private messages I will answer your questions one by one, let us together to enhance the popular science of skin diseases, protect their own skin health!# doctor to refute the rumor ## Changjiang Health ## Rumor zero Plan ## Headlines Health #