Polar Star in the Super Bowl “connotation” Tesla, Volkswagen;Stellantis will build a battery factory in Italy;Ford may look to India as its main production hub for electric vehicles

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During super Bowl 56, electric car startup Polaris, which is expected to hit the market this year, launched its first AD, which made a mockery of tesla, Volkswagen and other car brands.The 30-second spot, titled “Uncompromising,” is simple and straightforward.The AD only showed a picture of the Polar Star 2 electric car with the word “No.””No dieselgate, no dirty secrets, alluding to Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal.Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s plan to land humans on Mars in 2026.”Our philosophy of ‘no compromise’ is reflected in Our design language, sustainability efforts and vehicle performance,” Thomas Ingiras, Chief executive of Polaris, said in a statement.Italian Industry Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti says Stellantis will build a battery factory in Termoli, Italy.Discussions with the carmaker are under way and an agreement will be signed soon.Stellantis declined to comment.The company said last July that it had reached an agreement with Italy to build the plant.In addition, Stellantis has signed memorandums of understanding (Mous) with two partners in North America and Europe with geothermal brine lithium extraction processes to secure the supply of lithium, a key raw material for power batteries.The company has previously announced battery plants in Germany, France and the United States.Ford Motor Co is considering bringing its electric vehicle operations to India, the company said in a statement.The move comes months after the company announced it would stop making and selling cars in India.Ford announced in September that it would pull out of The Indian market after continuing financial losses due to the lack of a clear path to profitability, costing it about $2 billion.Ford Motor operates two plants in India and is evaluating the possibility of using one of them as an export base for electric vehicle production in the future, Reuters reported.The timing of Ford’s announcement to build electric cars in India may be related to its eligibility for India’s $3.5 billion clean-fuel vehicle incentive program.Ford will need to invest locally and establish a complete supply chain if it is to make electric cars in India and make profits, Reuters said.According to the latest data from AutoForecast Solutions on manufacturing disruptions caused by the global chip shortage, as of Feb. 13, due to the chip shortage,The global auto market has lost about 527,400 units this year, a 42% increase from 370,500 units last counted as of Feb. 6.Among them, the cumulative production reduction in The Chinese auto market remained unchanged at 51,100 units, accounting for 10 percent of the global cumulative production reduction.Porsche real road access to the game for the fans and lovers, electronic game is “driving” the world’s top sports car the most “accessible”, construction can be players in the game in the real world and virtual circuits driving experience all kinds of cars in the scene, but for those who want to in the game world, the idea of experience, familiar with the reality of their own path can’t achieve.To address this, porsche is teaming up with Swiss start-up Way AheadTechnologies to develop a software solution that turns a player’s favourite driving road into a video game driving scene.It is reported, this is called “virtual path” innovation project will use placed behind the windscreen of smartphones, record the players in the real world driving route, and the use of artificial intelligence to capture environment characteristics, through the mobile application to record data, and transmit to the virtual world, by the software convert it into a game of 3 d environment.Currently, the project digitally simulates up to eight kilometers of real road and is compatible with several racing games such as Assetto Corsa.