Wuhan residents celebrate Spring Festival with flowers and flowers

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“It’s spring and spring.”On the first day of the Chinese New Year, wuhan citizens are still enthusiastic about traveling, and many people come to enjoy the Spring Festival.East Lake Plum Garden, Ma on Shan Forest Park, Sand Lake Park, Liberation Park and other scenic areas attract people to enjoy flowers.”Mei xiang dark floating, in addition to appreciating the plum can also watch the lion dance performance, very lively.”Early in the morning, Ms. Chen took her family to the East Lake Plum Garden garden.On the first day of the New Year, visiting plum Garden in East Lake with their families has become a popular choice for many tourists and a tradition for many People in Wuhan.In the morning, at the gate of the plum Garden, the lion dance performance was going on, and tourists were enjoying the plum blossom while also experiencing the traditional Chinese Spring Festival culture.On the big lawn plum blossom competition activities are going on, the tourists who answer the knowledge of plum blossom will get surprise prizes.The flowers are blooming and tourists are enjoying the New Year in their new clothes. The “tiger” figurehead happily takes photos with tourists in the park.The garden plum also ushered in the best flowering at this time.Jiang Runqing, a senior engineer at the China Plum Blossom Research Center, said 50 percent of the more than 20,000 plum blossoms are in full bloom, more than expected.In the Chinese Plum Culture Center, ponds, Bridges, corridors, pavilions and pavilions attract many tourists to linger. “The plum blossom is in spirit, set against the ancient Chinese traditional garden landscape, but also shows its ling cold and proud artistic conception, so beautiful!”Mr. Tao, a wuhan citizen, took photos of the beautiful scenery all the way with his camera. “There are many beautiful scenery here, and you can’t miss it.The Spring Festival this year, the east lake garden in garden club set up six new creative clock points, hidden in the garden more classic attractions between, lovely little tiger, auspicious New Year message display on the punch point, as if one of the large frame, through the clock points to see the plum blossom, stone bridge, lakes and the blue sky, box with tourists, as a natural image of the New Year auspicious Chinese painting.”I won’t leave home for the Spring Festival this year. I will enjoy the plum blossom in the Plum Garden of East Lake.”Ms. Hong, a tourist who drove to appreciate plum blossoms from Caidian, put on new clothes and took many New Year photos. “Fu Hu is alive, Jin Hu is New Year, Fu Hu welcomes spring…These are all things we want to say to our friends and relatives. Just come to Plum Garden to take New Year’s greetings and send them to our friends and relatives. It’s more creative!”Visitors at the Wuhan Botanical Garden feel the New Year atmosphere at the entrance.At the gate of the park, visitors’ entrances and railings are decorated with “Happy New Year” decorations, with “tiger” and “fu” hanging everywhere.Into the park, greeted by red flowers, lanterns and so on, very lively.Fifty thousand tulips decorate the park in the spirit of spring, and 1,500 Luoyang peonies welcome visitors.Visitors strolling in the peony space can appreciate the beautiful beauty of the peony, understand the origin, poetry and story of the peony through the background board, and understand the thick and bright peony culture.”Every year when the Tulip show comes to Emancipation Park, it means spring!”The 16th Tulip Exhibition in Liberation Park opened on New Year’s Eve, showcases 28 kinds of fine tulips and about 180,000 plants.Seasonal flowers such as primrose and cinnabar orange also bloom to welcome the Year of the Tiger.Editor: declaration to Yanhong: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com