Heze urge flower peony “fly” to all parts of the country

2022-07-15 0 By

A few days ago, Heze city was officially approved as the first “AEO Demonstration City (district)” in Qingdao Customs district, which will effectively boost the construction of Heze credit system and promote trade facilitation and high-quality development of foreign trade under its jurisdiction.In 2021, Heze Customs will take building AEO Demonstration City (District) as an opportunity to steadily promote enterprise credit cultivation.”Tailored” credit incubation and “one to one” precise cultivation were carried out, and more than 10 special seminars were held, covering more than 300 foreign trade enterprises.Implement preferential handling, credit supervision and other convenient measures, give full play to the role of coordinator of customs enterprises, solve more than 40 difficult problems of enterprises, 2 new advanced certification enterprises, 3 enterprises passed the review of advanced certification;Formulate the division of labor plan, set up a new joint cultivation mechanism with the Bureau of Commerce, and give appropriate financial subsidies.Up to now, Heze city has a total of AEO advanced certification enterprises 7.Source: Dazhong Daily