Prose | Unforgettable catch cash day

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Watching his grandson skillfully collect money and deliver goods on the computer, Lao Wang’s mind went back to 40 years ago…”Ah!”With a long whistle, the train pulled out of Chenzhou station and finally got on the train going south to Guangzhou.In the crowded crowd of the green train, Lao Wang stood out as an unusual figure, bearded and grimacing in his early thirties.Think about the trouble in the home, Lao Wang tried hard to swallow a spittle, a family of five people rely on Lao Wang effort to earn points, his wife is a “sick rice”, three days have two days sick, perennial medical treatment and medicine, three long rice children, can not output to eat but many, every meal is too small to eat the bowl.Busy over the autumn harvest, Lao Wang followed the village people without hesitation to go out “catch cash” (that is, go out to do short work).Secretly pick up the passing xintian truck, Lao Wang and his companions went to Chenzhou.After wandering the streets of Chenzhou for several days without finding a job, some of them thought that they had little money in their pockets and might as well go to Guangdong to try their luck.Starving to the railway station, I saw the station inside the station outside the sea of people, to the ticket window to inquire, the train ticket to Guangzhou has already sold out, even after a few days of advance tickets have already sold out.Focusing on a corner of the station square, Lao Wang and his companions made up their minds: since they left home, they should not return empty-handed.After careful consideration, Lao Wang and his companions took advantage of the night people miscellaneous over the fence into the platform;Finally, he took a train to the south, but when he looked back to greet his friends, there was no one else in sight. At this time, Lao Wang thought: We can only take one step at a time.In the evening, the train leisurely drove to Pingshi, Guangdong, the passengers were already crowded, mixed with sweat smell, smoke smell, smell of the carriage was suffocating.”There are no extra tickets!”With a shout, the fierce-looking steward came to check the ticket.When old Wang was found, he gave a ten-yuan piece of money to the steward, just to get to Hua County, simply buy hua County.When he went out, Lao Wang didn’t have much cash. He had spent a few days in Chenzhou, so he had to leave some money for living expenses in Guangzhou, so he bought a ticket to Huaxian first. When he got to Guangzhou, he had to leave the station to his fate.In this way, in the green train “kuang ~ when, kuang ~ when” running sound, Lao Wang body and mind with infinite fatigue and difficulty, after more than ten hours, finally arrived at Guangzhou Station.Carrying bags of people get off the car, continuous flow of people has been pouring out of the ticket barrier, Lao Wang heart uneasy, heavy footsteps, with the flow of people can not move forward.The long line of people slowed down as they reached the gate through the long station corridor.Watching the people in front of him pass by one by one, Lao Wang’s heart was in his throat and a chill ran up his spine. He knew that once he was found out, the fare would be paid for.However, this is still small, if it is the station police station as a blind get to detention for a few days, the trouble can be big.But when a man in front of him stepped through the gate, the ticket-taker waved him out.After the man in front walked quickly through the gate, Lao Wang heaved a sigh of relief: Thank god, it was a bodhisattva blessing.Standing in the square in front of guangzhou railway station, it was already dawn, and Lao Wang, already hungry, ate something in a restaurant near the station.Sitting next to several people all the way gibberish cantonese, sometimes “hi ha” sound, sometimes “ah la” dragged the tone of the gas, do not understand a word, in addition to the same skin color, Lao Wang’s first time to Guangzhou, feel oneself abroad.After dinner, Lao Wang asked where there was a factory to recruit, after all, survival is the first priority.It happened that a garment factory was hiring, with a good body, Lao Wang was hired and assigned to the loading and unloading workshop.After entering the factory, Wang set his mind on making money. As soon as his first salary arrived, he would remit it to his wife in his hometown.Gradually, Lao Wang got used to the pace of the city. In his spare time, he liked to walk around the streets and lanes. People in big cities dressed differently, with colorful and bright eyes.At work, Lao Wang found that the factory production of substandard ready-made goods are garbage disposal.Such clothes are definitely in demand in hometown polder market, why not transport these defective goods back to hometown to sell?In his spare time, Lao Wang made up his mind to get close to the supervisor of the factory. Whenever there were defective products, Lao Wang would buy them first and send them back to his hometown to be sold to other vendors.Later, Lao Wang quit his job and devoted himself to the resale business of substandard garments.Find the first bucket of gold, Lao wang is the “wealth” in the village, follow in the footsteps of pharaoh, the young people in the village in guangdong, have started a clothing business, and then expanded to leather, leather shoes, wallets and other leather goods, finally formed clothing leather goods flow peak market street, attracted foreign customers, including changsha, hengyang, chenzhou organizations.The market has become more and more famous as “little Hong Kong”.As the trading volume continues to expand, the young students in the village turn their clothing and leather shops to Majiaping market and Beihu market in Chenzhou, because it is more convenient for people and logistics in Chenzhou.In the new century, with the development of e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Tmall, the younger students in the village have found infinite business opportunities. They skillfully trade with customers all over the country on online offline platforms.In order to open up a bigger market, many young people go to guangzhou, Hangzhou and other coastal cities to develop, and deal with customers around the world, truly out of China, to the world.Lao Wang has already retired from business and his son and grandson have settled down in Chenzhou.According to incomplete statistics, there are only about 100 households in Nantang natural village where Lao Wang lives, and more than 50 households buy houses in Chenzhou City alone.In the good times of reform and opening up, many peasants like Lao Wang gave up their farming life facing the loess and turned to the sky and began to live a life of city dwellers.”Grandpa, what are you thinking about?”Looking at the intoxicated Lao Wang, Sun Tzu was puzzled.’Oh, nothing!Thinking of the years he had fought for, Lao Wang sighed that in 40 years, the whole country had changed.