According to dianping data, the number of searches for “camping” during the Qingming Holiday rose 315% month-on-month

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Qi Qing Jing Ming, flowers in full bloom.Influenced by the epidemic prevention and control in different parts of the country, “local people visiting local” has become a new hot topic in this year’s Qingming Festival. Various local travel methods, such as outing to enjoy flowers, picking farmhouses, and picnic camping, have been promoted.According to Dianping, the number of searches for spring outing rose by 287% month-on-month, and the number of searches for rural fun has doubled as a way for families to embrace spring.In the third spring since the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more young people hope to experience “outdoor oasis” in front of their homes, picnic camping, hiking and other leisure lifestyle, not only avoid the congestion of people, but also close to nature, becoming a new choice for suburban travel.Data from Dianping showed that during the Qingming Holiday, searches for “camping” rose 315 percent, and page views of notes related to picnic camping sites rose 145 percent.A dianping official said the normalization of epidemic prevention and control has greatly changed people’s travel habits.According to the online data of this year’s Qingming Festival, in the face of the uncertainties of the epidemic, the proportion of cross-city mobility has decreased significantly compared with last year, but the demand for travel is still strong, and local play has become the leading role.A number of local good places have been sought after, diversified local new play, fully released people’s enthusiasm for travel.The number of searches for spring outings rose 287 percent. The qingming Festival in local suburbs is a good time for spring outings.Due to the dual impact of the epidemic prevention and control and the length of holidays, long-distance travel is limited, and local travel has replaced cross-provincial travel as the hot keyword.Among them, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities have the highest local travel popularity, ranking in the top 10.With the upsurge of local tourism, the attention of home outing to appreciate flowers continues to heat up.According to Dianping, the number of searches for spring outing flowers rose 287 percent from the day before the holiday.When the flowers blossom, local botanical gardens, parks and zoos become the first choice for spring outing, attracting a large number of tourists to take photos and clock in.Recently, Shenzhen “reached the stars”, Nanjing, Xi ‘an and other places stable epidemic, the city’s major parks gradually reopened, qingming holiday, ushered in a wave of “compensatory” spring outing small peak.According to Dianping data, from April 1 to April 4, the search volume of Shenzhen residents went up 626 percent month-on-month, while the search volume of Nanjing and Xi ‘an also increased 496 percent and 421 percent, respectively.As an international garden city, Shenzhen has more than 1200 parks and citizens have abundant outdoor recreation resources.During the small holiday, Wutong Mountain, Xiangmi Park, Litchi Park, Guangming Happy Field Garden and other places in Shenzhen have been mentioned by netizens as good places to go for an outing in the city.Wutong Mountain, as the “no.1 peak in Shenzhen”, is popular with local residents for its annual rhododendron flower appreciation, which drives up the number of page views of wutong Mountain by 3.3 times on the public comment website.In addition to going for an outing, the theme is countryside fun that is close to nature and green ecology. It is also “hot” during the holiday.Driven by local tourism, the demand for rural tourism has increased. Many suburban farms in cities have introduced a variety of leisure programs such as picking, fishing, barbecue, and children’s parks, attracting many families to experience them.According to Dianping, searches for picking farm music in local suburbs rose 204 percent during the Qingming Holiday.An ecological farm in the outskirts of Beijing offers limited experience activities such as fruit and vegetable planting and picking, feeding cute pets and flying kites during the holidays to attract parents to walk their children and enjoy the beautiful spring days.In the Daoxiang Yuge Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, an hour’s drive from Chengdu, the plant maze, rice field fishing and rape flower sea in the park are so popular that many tourists walk into the fields to take photos of “spring outing”.Jiangxinzhou, Nanjing, ushered in the romantic bloom of Orchid in February, “as if Alice in Wonderland,” a reviewer wrote after punching the clock.According to Dianping, online visits to Jiangxinzhou during the Qingming Festival were more than three times higher than before.The popularity of local tourism has brought picnics, camping and other outdoor leisure lifestyles into the public’s attention, and “fancy” local tourism has become a new trend of vacation travel.With the rise of camping, free camping and picnic sites on the doorstep are gaining attention.This year, the weather was fine in most areas during the long holiday, and local visitors camped out on the grass, beside the lake and in the shade.On Dianping, searches for “camping” across the country jumped 315 percent, while page views for recommended camping and picnic sites rose 145 percent from the pre-holiday period.In Guangzhou, for example, the first batch of 24 park green lawn tent areas launched on New Year’s Day this year has driven the enthusiasm of guangzhou citizens for camping.According to Dianping, searches for camping in Guangzhou increased fourfold from before the holiday.Camping in various forms, young people, families are the main players.Mulan grassland of Wuhan Huangpi, with green grass all over the sky and spring in the air, is one of the best places for local tourists to go camping and picnic, enjoy flowers and embrace nature.Unlike camping on the grassland, camping on the beach is becoming popular in coastal cities such as Xiamen and has become a new holiday choice.”At the heart of any form of camping is the desire to experience a slower pace of life on your doorstep without going far away, and to live up to the beauty of spring.””Said one camper.In contrast to the “slow life” of camping, hiking and city biking have become popular choices as public health awareness increases.According to Dianping, searches for hiking during the Qingming Holiday have increased by more than 254 percent.During the Qingming Festival, some regions still face severe pressure of prevention and control. However, from the market performance of low-risk cities, the demand for local and suburban tourism is particularly prominent, and part of the demand for long-distance tourism and cross-provincial tourism is “digested”.”This has put forward higher requirements for the diversification and individuation of urban countryside tourism resources.””Said one industry figure.”We are seeing a higher demand for good places to visit in local ways, such as going on trips to see flowers, camping and picnics.Whether it’s a walk on a city trail or a trip to the park to enjoy the flowers, people value their freedom every time they travel.Dianping has long been committed to providing local life services, and will continue to do a good job in providing users with diversified recommendations of good local places to meet the travel needs of different groups.”Dianping officials said.