“Home with a Fairy Wife” male actor Peng Cha-cha live exposure of 30 million yuan deposit, the result of the creditor urged debt

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Recently, Peng cha-cha and his friend Lin Bingwen ran a live broadcast because they clashed with their creditors over the phone.It turned out that The theme of the live broadcast was to fight back against the false remarks of some netizens on the Internet.Unexpectedly, most of the people who called were Peng-chia-cha’s creditors. In the first call, the creditors bluntly borrowed 10 million NT dollars (about 2.284 million RMB) from Peng-Chia-cha. Although they have already paid back 3.2 million NT dollars (about 731 thousand RMB), they still hope he can repay the money as soon as possible.Lin Bingwen public peng on the passbook, later said he has earned more than 3000 (6.852 million yuan), and have 6, 7 endorsement and ShangYan, video production, etc., but due to some costs is manufacturer’s advance payment, so you need to finish the work in to scale back after creditors, appealed for “debt mainly include moral,It is not allowed to disturb or hinder The work of Peng Cha-cha to make money.Unexpectedly, after showing the passbook, he directly angered another creditor, who called to say that Peng chia-cha owed him 1.5 million Taiwan dollars (about 342,600 yuan).This creditor expresses angrily, oneself return do not want interest, result precisely up to now one cent money did not return him.However, the creditor’s words were directly hit back by Lin Bingwen, Lin bingwen directly dug up the IOUS, which apparently read 15 days of 7 cents interest.This angered the creditor even more, and he threatened that he would continue to harass him if he didn’t get the money.Lin Bingwen tries to smooth things over and hopes that people will not force Pengge. After seeing the debt interest of Pengcha, he sighs, “I didn’t know these interest rates were so horrible until today, and I will be scared to death if these details come out.”In addition, some netizens criticize That Dr. Peng is in debt and still has such a high profile. Lin bingwen also replies, “He is an artist, how can he make money if he is not high profile?” He hopes that everyone can give Dr. Peng some time.Unexpectedly, the paper is now on the news, all related to debt.Born in 1956, Peng Cha-cha was originally named Peng Zhangcan and later changed to Peng Gaoshang. He was the youngest child in the family. His father ran away from home when he was 13 years old, leaving his mother to raise the child alone.In 1984, at the age of 28, he entered the entertainment industry, becoming a show host and actor in Taiwanese local dramas.Because of his eloquent speech, he soon appeared in various TV shows.He hosted such programs as Rose Night, Joy And Strong Stick and Champion on grass. His hosting style was funny and bold, which attracted a wide audience. He won five Golden Bell Awards as host of singing variety shows.And he and apprentice Xu Xiaoshun lean on excellent tacit understanding, the creation of “tieshiyu Linglong” rap combination, once hit eight amazing ratings.Later, the two sides had broken up because of others’ provocations. It was only after an accidental meeting for many years that the misunderstanding was resolved and the relationship was restored as before.However, mainland audiences are more familiar with the spot, no more than “Family fairy wife” in the Chen Tiangui one corner.The combination of He Lili and Chen Tiangui is also a rare “beauty and ugly male” collocation in film and television drama.Peng cha-cha was hit hard by the ZW CD incident, but he made a comeback with his hosting business.Although Lu Liang was sentenced to 2 years, Lu Zhaoqin 2 years 4 months, Guo Guibin 3 years, at the same time Lu Liang must repay the extortion of 9 million NT $and 200 million NT $psychological relief, Guo Guibin is to return 14 million NT $.However, due to two years of blackmail by Lu Liang, Lu Zhaoqin and others, Peng chia-cha invested more than NT $44 million. In order to fill the bottomless hole of hush money, Peng chia-cha borrowed money from loan sharks at 13 percent interest and ended up in debt of nearly NT $80 million.Thought to pass a lesson originally, exactly can repay debt hind true prodigal son turns head.Did not think of him however because want to circle director dream again, borrow money to take drama ceaselessly, but make ends meet however.But he was not willing to give up, but continued to do directing, but failed repeatedly.And he also do not learn lessons, firmly believe that the people are kind, rarely signed paper contracts, all oral agreement, the results were cheated by more than 30 people, the cost of all by him.He would borrow money from a usurer, but he could not count interest on the usurer.Finally he was desperate, robbing Peter to pay Paul, borrowing money everywhere.It was not until his wife was on her knees begging him not to borrow any more money and the family was heavily in debt that he woke up and woke up, but it was too late.In 2020, he declared bankruptcy with debts of 240 million Taiwan dollars (55.848 million yuan).Now he live to make money to pay debts, did not expect to be urged by a few creditors on the spot, and even conflict.Usury is a bottomless pit, who would have thought, in the past unlimited scenery of the host part-time actor, now will fall into such a field?