Lakers update: Lebron James is coming back from all-star bench?Melo is injured again

2022-07-16 0 By

So far, the 2022 All-Star reserve team has been announced, and the lakers’ top man, Anthony Davis, has not been included, meaning lebron James is the only All-Star on the lakers’ team.From a statistical standpoint, Anthony Davis deserves to be named to the All-Star Team after averaging 23.4 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and 52.5 percent shooting per game, but his missed 16 games so far this season does hurt his chances of making the team.Even if Anthony Davis has been in good form lately.On the other hand, the lakers star lebron James is still suffering from injury, but the good news is that James is progressing smoothly and may return to the court sooner rather than later.Lebron James is likely to return to the Lakers in the next few days, according to Shams Charania: “He’s going to continue to deal with his knee injury, he’s going to continue to heal over the next few days, he’s going to continue to get treatment, and hopefully he’ll be able to get back on the court in a couple of days.”While there is no timetable for James’ return, it would be good news for the Lakers if he did return in the next few days.Finally, carmelo Anthony suffered a strained right hamstring and left the game against the Clippers: Anthony has played 50 games for the lakers so far this season, and this hamstring injury could be a problem for a veteran player like Anthony.Anthony is definitely an important part of the lakers’ lineup this season, and whether he stays healthy will be key to the lakers’ prospects.