Xiao yaxuan was not affected by the dog bite incident and went out for a walk with his dog on the fifth day of the lunar New Year

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Xiao yaxuan, a well-known dog, was bitten on the face by her dog at home in February last year. She was taken to hospital for emergency surgery and still worried about scarring.She posted a recent photo of herself after her wound had healed. The bite marks on her face were still visible, and the slight redness would have been difficult to recover from.Xiao Yaxuan responded to her dog’s bite, claiming that the dog’s mother had been abused by the owner, so the dog’s lack of security since childhood, will appear their own bite incident.But she hasn’t given up her dog, and she still loves her dog.On February 7, according to Hong Kong media reports, on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year (February 5) around 6pm, Siu Yaxuan was found walking her dog next to her house. She obeyed her dog and was dragged by the dog for about 15 minutes before returning home.That day the weather is cold, elva hsiao packages sealed, wear the number clothes seem to be very exaggerated, elva hsiao later to respond to the media with a smile: “that day was too cold, so also pretty funny, Chinese New Year is my dog, is maintaining a clean and tidy home, at home a lot of things to do, I go out is the dog for a walk, to accompany them run a run, a simple exercise in home, evening after drama.”As she told the media, she is very dotes on, the dog to go out this ten minutes, she took the dog aimlessly shuttle between mansion, she walks the dog have no fixed route, by the dog to walk all the way, the dog is excited, and sometimes smell the roadside grass, and sometimes run, one person and one dog in about 15 minutes to return home.Xiao Yaxuan through the agency told the media, Xiao Yaxuan as in previous years, this year is at home with his family to celebrate the New Year.Rare leisure time, Xiao Yaxuan often go out to walk the dog, accompanied by the dog, spend her and her boyfriend Huang Hao temporarily separated life, also count delicious.It is reported that Xiao yaxuan was bitten by her dog last year, and had an awkward time in the company of her boyfriend Huang Hao.Known as “fresh meat harvester” Xiao Yaxuan, and Huang Hao fell in love with less than two years, and then broke up rumors, but Xiao Yaxuan did not admit to break up.At present, Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao in two separate state.