How does anaemia, giddy do?A simple Chinese patent medicine, the body of the blood supplement, the head is not dizzy

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To say contemporary young people’s common disease, in addition to stomach disease, there should be anaemia.Why do you say that?As the progress of the society, the change of The Times, now life pressure is also in general rise, plus the working mode of 996, 007 of gens going to work, let a person be pressed breathless, often can not attend to have a meal.Since the meal is not to eat, let alone eat on time, from this, will easily cause stomach disease, as time goes by, the body will appear all kinds of discomfort because of long-term lack of nutrition, the most typical is the anemia we said above.Speaking of anaemia, the most typical symptom is shown in, squat long stand up at the moment a dark, followed by is a burst of dizziness hit.In fact, there will be other accompanying symptoms, but we do not pay much attention to at ordinary times, just like pale, tired, palpitation, frowsty chest, insomnia and forgetfulness, serious words, even abdominal distension, loss of appetite, vomiting and so on.It is commonly believed in Traditional Chinese medicine that the liver stores blood, and our body can maintain normal physiological functions well because of the huge blood bank of the liver to deliver nutrients to our whole body.The symptoms of anemia are caused by the lack of blood in our body’s blood bank.Since there is less blood, the simplest way is to replenish the blood, to fill our blood bank.Today I would like to share with you a Chinese patent medicine, Wuji Baifeng pill, which can be a good tonic for liver and blood.It is composed of 20 herbs such as black chicken, ginseng, astragalus membranaceus, Yam, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, Angelica root, white peony root, Ligusticum chuanxiong, salvia miltiorrhiza, antler cream, antler gum, turtle shell (made), rehmannia glutinosa, Wintersweet, xiangfu (made of vinegar), Silver bupelum, Chinese traditional medicine, Ootheca mantidis, oyster, licorice and so on.Among them, black chicken has a good tonifying effect and can better fill Yin blood.Ginseng, astragalus membranaceus and Chinese yam are used to strengthen the spleen and replenish qi.Next is cooked rehmannia, Angelica, paeony, Ligusticum chuanxiong, salvia miltiorrhiza, their five tastes are mainly to raise blood.Antler cream, antler glue these two taste tonic liver and kidney, tonic blood.Turtle shell, rehmannia, winter can nourish Yin liquid, clear empty heat.Xiang fu to soothe the liver and regulate qi;Silver bupleurum to deal with empty heat.Euryale seed, Ootheca mantidis and oyster have astringent and astringent effect.Licorice and herbs.Since this, all medicines are used together, the effect that fills gas to raise blood is revealed, can better alleviate anaemia this one symptom.But square impermanence square, we must be combined with their actual situation after dialectical ability can be used.