On the last day of the Year of the Ox, the Media Group’s “2021 Chinese TV Drama Development Report” is ready to launch

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On the last day of the year of the Ox, Xiao 8 receives a mysterious message. He puts forward a request for “playing”. Xiao 8, Xiao 8?It’s the last day of the year of the Ox, and you can’t remember what else you need to do?…It’s me!The small white!I’ve been working so hard for 354 days. When’s my turn?How about 354 days?Isn’t it 365 days?The year of the Ox runs from February 12, 2021 to January 31, 2022, a total of 354 days.However, I do not need to whip from courageously hoof, but saved 365 days of strength oh oh oh, that Yin Tiger year how many days?355 days That’s great. I remember you. You’re my priority is the stage ready?When do I make my debut?The year of the tiger!It’s in February. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.Don’t worry!Call me at any time!I’m sure you’re wondering who this guy is.Let’s hear what it says about itself. 01 Who am I?My name is “2021 Chinese television development report of about 120000 words in full I will carry the banner of desk drama academic field comprehensive carding 2021 year China drama creation and the objective conditions of industrial development, production, creation, spread from the trend of the annual nine aspects, such as professional analysis my producers there is no doubt that is the central radio and television reception desk ah ah ah the front of the fewDon’t get up! Don’t worry!Let me give you something you care about while we still can. 02 I have the latest survey data!According to the survey data, the most popular TV series among young viewers in 2021…The most popular actor among young audiences in 2021…2021 most popular characters among young audiences…Do you want to know if any of your favorite actors, characters and TV shows are in there?Leave a message and let me know!Do you pay attention to sensitive topics in the industry?Must drop!Sky-high remuneration, “contract of Yin and Yang”, tax evasion, traffic first, niang bang culture, “rice circle” disorderly elephant, “indulge” wind, capital bad profit, illegal moral loss artist and so on these annual production management practice of the key words I have not let go of all have a lot of secret research, we continue to see ha!I’m the expert on the perfect day to use that word, right?What is my background?Under the background of new era to anchor “two” one hundred goals in 2035 cultural power target and “difference” audio-visual project 2021 China TV drama industry persist development of whole industry with high quality make energetic, Benedict line not idle mainstream culture and mainstream platform, mainstream TV continues to lead the Chinese literature and art high-quality goods batch original pioneering Chinese new development entering a new TV seriesWindow 05 the significance and value of my appearance?Xi general secretary, called on the literary and art workers must set up big view, big view to grasp the general trend of history and times to times portrait for a biography, literary and artistic creation for age mingde wrote in the history of national revival is written in the people’s struggle journey how to grasp the television industry in the new era of development in the study how to promote the law of the development of the political and artistic society,How can the creation rules of excellent works with unified market recognition become the new engine leading the healthy development of the industry? This is the problem that THE TV series of CTV must think about, and it is also our responsibility.Surrounding poverty crucial to build a well-off society in an all-round way, the founding of the one hundred Beijing games, the party and the national important strategy, the party’s 20 major Chinese TV propaganda node keep sustainable development is the innovation theme creation of a new round of development climax highlighted the Chinese TV series with the time of intertextuality is present a grand theme, profound and making fastidious far-reaching foresight thought work shop screen foldShow thought penetration, artistic appeal, mass communication and youth influence 07 How big is my body?According to the state Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) data from January to November 2021, the national production of TV dramas for the record of 447, 13,804 sets (as of January 1, 2022) in the first three quarters of 2021, all kinds of TV drama production institutions have completed the production and approved to release 130 domestic TV dramas, 4407 sets of TV dramas approved to release realityMaterial 95, 3050 sets of contemporary theme 89, 2833 sets of modern theme 6, 217 sets of historical theme 26, 987 sets of modern theme 16, 589 sets of ancient theme 10, 398 sets of major theme 9, 370 sets of observation of so many plays is not easy?Please hit the “small white hard” on the public screen!08 What do I observe?TV industry appeared a lot of change personal prospects into ethnic fusion era, the fate of the nation consciousness multidimensional, strong tension, high identification supertype TV show “lifestyle” real drama “diversity” fusion precision farming content delivery warm new mainstream TV led the theme creation and aesthetic reception rheological forming the public accept and youth spread stepwise enhanced its clearanceNote: The degree, scale and form of participation are obviously enhanced and have formed distinct communication characteristics, which profoundly affect the reception psychology, attitude and behavior of the audience.In addition to various detailed analyses, there are also various data and charts. For example, the average daily viewing time of TV viewers in 2021 is 5.83 hours, which is basically the same as that in 2020, up 12.3% compared with that in 20219. For example, the TV series with the highest audience rating in 2021 is “Across yalu River”, which is the TV series with the highest audience rating of provincial TV stations in 2021 is “Mountain Sea”TOP5 primetime TV shows to watch back in 2021 is 10 what date do we meet?Xiao 8 said the year of the Tiger must be in February!I am looking forward to meeting you soon ~ after all, I still have many secrets waiting for you to dig!Finally, I wish you all a smooth road in the year of the Tiger!Follow “CCTV DRAMA” CCTV video, Weibo, Douyin official accounts to unlock more exciting stories on stage and behind the scenes!Chief supervisor | Zhuang Dianjun | Zhang Xuemei | Yang Chunguo | Wang Caizhen | Huang Qianrong