With self-revolutionary courage, we will vigorously promote rural vitalization

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On February 13 afternoon, xiaonan rural revitalization held its study and implement the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection bureau organized six plenary session, six plenary session of the 11th ShengJiWei, municipal commission for discipline inspection seven second session conference spirit, xiaonan rural revitalization of the bureau of the party members and middle-level cadres above to attend the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by bureau of the party group secretary, chief Wei Wei.Conference, comrade Wei Wei convey learned the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six session of central discipline inspection commission, six plenary session of the 11th ShengJiWei seven second session, the city commission for discipline inspection, district party committee standing committee (expand) the conference and district commission for discipline inspection seven second session spirit, again read “filial piety south work is ten” in the “strict self-discipline, prevents this rules”,I learned a letter to party Members and public officials in the city during the Spring Festival.All participants are required to combine the spirit of the plenary session and carry out the work creatively to create a new highlight of xiaonan rural revitalization.Wei stressed that officials at all levels should focus on consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and strengthening supervision over the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and policies.To encourage the district’s rural level three to fully implement the three actions of “functional towns, harmonious villages and strength industries” for rural revitalization, and resolutely correct the problems of “bonsai” and “one-size-fits-all” in beautiful villages;We will seriously investigate and prosecute corruption involving the use of rural revitalization projects for personal gain, interception and embezzlement of special funds, and infringement of people’s interests.The “supervision system for the implementation of policies related to rural revitalization and people’s livelihood” will be used to check clues of policy violations and create a clean and honest political environment for rural revitalization.Wei wei pointed out that the new track means new opportunities and the new journey means new challenges. Officials at all levels should truly ignite their ideals and beliefs, boost their mental state, work in a pragmatic and responsible manner, and establish the integrity of the breeze.Contrast “filial piety south work ten is” grasp the filial piety south rural revitalization of the “five changes”, namely around problems, scratching “rectification”, around to carry out the work style of “improvement”, stresses around the target work situation “change”, revolves the tiejun team to grasp the overall features large “revise”, around innovation mechanism to create demonstration catch south rural revitalization of the new milestone “rewrite”.In accordance with the spirit of the meeting, we will strengthen our political responsibility, unswervingly carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, unswervingly push forward the comprehensive and strict party governance, and persistently create a new situation of high-quality development of rural revitalization work in our district.Source: Hu Ying, Xiaonan District Rural Development Bureau