54-40!Female version of O ‘Neill + female version of Zhou Qi in the inside, suddenly cut 20+10 victory in sight

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54-40!Female version of O ‘Neill + female version of Zhou Qi in the inside turn upside down, suddenly cut 20+10, victory in sight!The first quarter: the first attack of The Chinese women’s basketball rights, Wang Siyu breaks through the ball to Li Yueru, the latter under the basket easily, The Chinese women’s basketball team took the lead.The French women’s basketball team took two points in the same way in the second round, which ended in a 2-2 draw.Two turnovers gave Yang four points in a row, but the French answered with a 3-pointer at No. 15 to make it 6-5 and put China only one point ahead.Fortunately, Huang Sijing responded with a 3-pointer, but the French women’s basketball team broke through and hit a layup, and the two sides played unevenly.Then Li Meng hit a 3-pointer, followed by a 3-pointer from Huang Sijing, and Li Meng hit another open 3-pointer for a 17-7 lead, giving China a 10-point lead and forcing France to call a timeout.After a timeout, the French women’s basketball team tried a three-point shot to bounce off the rim, and Li Yueru showed her dream steps under the basket to score two more points, 19-7, the Chinese women’s basketball team has a 12-point lead.France responded with a 3-pointer after Yang liwei’s driving layup with 4:22 left, but Yang made two foul throws to keep China’s lead in double digits.Zheng Wei, head coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team, called a timeout when the score was 23-16 with 2:11 left in the game.After a timeout, reserve Zhang Ru hit a 2-and-1, wang Siyu fouled the lane and made two free throws to make it 27-11, and Huang Sijing hit a 3-pointer to restore China’s double-digit lead at 30-16.The first quarter, the score 32-19, China women’s basketball lead by 14 points.The second quarter: the first attack of French women’s basketball right, the first to open hu three-point shot;In the second round, Han Xu scored inside to give China a 12-point lead, 34-22.However, the French women’s basketball team hit their second 3-pointer of the quarter. Fortunately, the Chinese women’s basketball team hit han Xu’s strong point very well, and he again easily under the basket.However, han’s block was inexplicably fouled in the second round, but the French missed two free throws and Han made two consecutive shots in the paint for a 40-28 lead that remained in double digits.After two quarters, the score was 54-40, with China leading by 14 points.Huang Sijing had 11 points, five rebounds and five assists, Li Meng 11 points, Yang Liwei eight points and Han Xu eight points.As we expected before the match, Chinese women’s basketball team was well prepared and targeted, and beat French women’s basketball team at a loss.# China Women’s Basketball Team #