Licheng Branch Baoshan police Station to implement the campus “nursing post” to escort the opening season

2022-07-18 0 By

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the campus during the spring semester and effectively maintain the safety and stability of the school and its surrounding areas, Baoshan Police Station attaches great importance to, carefully arranges and takes the initiative to prevent risks, eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety, and strives to create a safe and orderly campus environment for teachers and students.One is to conduct security risks around the campus in advance.Before the school began, the community police of Baoshan Police Station went deep into the schools under their jurisdiction to carry out a comprehensive campus internal security inspection to ensure that the measures of “civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense” were put in place.At the same time, in order to purify the surrounding environment of the campus, our institute increased the inspection of the “nine small places” and entertainment places around the campus, and vigorously remedied prominent problems such as black Internet cafes to ensure that the security environment around the campus is in place.School comprehensive MoPai stakeholders involved disputes, focus on screening the campus and the surrounding weak, people with mental disorders, the key personnel high-risk groups, such as document copies, master the real performance, do case, base Ming, qing and make education upon stability control work, beware of personal extreme violence, ensuring the security of the campus and the surrounding.Second, the campus security inspection is in place.Community police went into primary and secondary schools in their jurisdiction to carry out safety inspections focusing on fire prevention and theft, disaster prevention and accident prevention, and supervised the implementation of school safety responsibilities and the formulation of safety systems.Check whether the safety evacuation channel is unblocked, whether the monitoring, fire extinguishers and other facilities are equipped, whether the power line is safe, and put forward rectification measures for the hidden dangers in time, effectively improve the safety factor of the campus.Third, the strict implementation of peak duty and nursing post system.Bao Shan police station planning in advance, the police led auxiliary police from the day of school registration that carry out campus “peak duty” and “guard guard”, maintain the campus surrounding public order, pay close attention to the flow of people around the dynamic, effectively improve the school, school period street police rate, the rate of charge;Community police timely communicate and coordinate with the school, guide and organize school security personnel, teaching staff, parents volunteers and other social forces to participate in the “guard guard”, mass prevention and treatment, effectively maintain campus security.