@All New Year wishes from the Blue Helmets of China, please check!

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We don’t live in a peaceful world, just a peaceful country.There are a group of people who came to Lebanon with their blue helmets for peace and upheld peace in the turbulent Lebanon with fervour of emotion and good heart, winning the high evaluation and unanimous recognition of UNIFIL and the local people.At this moment, all the officers and soldiers of the 20th Chinese peacekeeping construction and engineering detachment to Lebanon, thousands of miles away from China, are living up to the great trust placed on them by the motherland and the people. They are standing on the front lines of peacekeeping missions, expressing their wishes for the motherland, thoughts of their families and love for peace with their concrete actions.The year 2022 is a year of innovation, hard work and endeavor.Please rest assured that all the officers and soldiers of the Detachment will continue to make brilliant achievements.Please follow the camera to listen to the warm wishes sent by these peacekeepers.Source: PLA Daily client author: Zhuang Xiao Hao Li Jia Pan Huang Qi