Chuxiong prefecture set up a sub-conference to attend the province’s energy work conference

2022-07-19 0 By

Yunnan Chuxiong Network news (reporter Yang Rong) On February 25, the province’s energy work conference was held, Chuxiong prefecture set up a video session to attend, the deputy secretary of the state party Committee, governor Zhang Wenwang made an exchange speech in the state session.Zhang Wenwang pointed out that Chuxiong Prefecture insists on taking the new energy industry as a strategic industry, insisting on exchanging resources for industries, seeking space from the market, and accelerating the deep integration of green energy and green manufacturing.In 2021, the output value of green energy and green manufacturing will reach 46.56 billion yuan, up 30%, and the added value will reach 15.13 billion yuan, up 22.1%. The completed new energy projects can save 1.817 million tons of standard coal and reduce 4.725 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.The reporter learned from the meeting, to promote the development of new energy industry with high quality, under the current conditions are good “four positions”, strengthen organization and leadership, a high starting point development planning, special working team to form a green silicon photovoltaic industry development, find out new energy capacity, the new energy projects into a state of “difference” project cluster planning library, push forward development of new energy industry.Strengthen the project support, do the preliminary work in high standard, increase the investment in the preliminary project, advance the industry, project planning and project approval and application work in advance and synchronously, actively study the national macro policies and investment orientation, seize the policy “window period” opportunities.Strengthen the guarantee of factors, promote the completion of production with high efficiency, establish a project scheduling mechanism, billing management, project promotion, to ensure that projects fall behind, power generation is delivered.Strengthening the allocation of resources, high quality to accelerate convergence, in-depth implementation of the green energy industry development allocation scheme of new energy resources, green energy and green manufacturing integration development action plan for three years, actively promote the distributed photovoltaic development, revitalize the existing resources and increase the intensity of award to fill, is focused on the whole industry chain optimization, expanding incremental stock, promote new kinetic energy conversion.What shall we do next?”We will accelerate the development of new energy in the next three years in accordance with the principle of ‘fully open, fast and as soon as possible’,” Said Zhang Wenwang at the exchange. “We will do enough power, strengthen the power grid, do solid energy storage, do excellent industry, strive for new breakthroughs in the development of new energy, and make a contribution to the realization of the ‘double carbon’ goal of the province.”