Shenzhen handed Li Muhao to Beijing, not with booker and big bird but with large Han Dejun

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In the final round of the CBA, Beijing Shougang was defeated by Shenzhen 97-104 in a double play that seemed unexpected but was no surprise.This season of Beijing Shougang almost become “sibuxiang”, especially in the second phase of the season, originally thought that the Shougang team in the foreign aid gradually return, will slowly play their own style, once again impact the league top six;Did not expect any breakthrough on the record, but their best defensive tactics were also played out.Shenzhen and Beijing Shougang are two very old teams, not long ago Beijing Shougang in the 2-0 lead Shenzhen team suffered a reverse attack, after Beijing Shougang in order to make up for the lack of their team lineup, almost spent half of the team’s salary to win Li Muhao.It seems that the goal is not only for the team to reach the semifinals, but since Li Muhao came to Beijing Shougang, he seems to be a little acclimated to the soil. In his first season, he didn’t put up great numbers, averaging only 7.8 points per game.The bottom line is that injuries seem to be bothering him.Perhaps for the protection of the inside line, perhaps for the future of Beijing Shougang, one after another signed Fan Ziming as a supplement;That makes the Beijing Ducks look very luxurious inside, given that both are competitive throughout the CBA league.But the effect is not as good as I thought, the first stage because of injury, and the whole China lost to shenzhen team can understand, after all, the shenzhen team has an excellent foreign aid booker, but again the face of the shenzhen team double foreign aid still lose, and their best defense did not play out, let the shenzhen team blew out the high score of 104.This makes people more difficult to understand, Yanis seems to have not called too much time out, is still in step with the substitution adjustment;Only to see themselves being abused by opponents again.When Shenzhen team traded Li Muhao, it was a little confusing. Li Muhao in his prime and shen Zijie in his immature “big bird” had a double tower match, which was hard to be matched by players in China.Did not think of offseason Beijing Shougang unexpectedly easily won Li Muhao, this will give the growing Shenzhen team to bring a certain crisis.And last season’s Shenzhen team did meet great obstacles in the middle of the game, leading to Li Jianjun was forced to resign as head coach;Qiu Biao was ordered to barely support the tottering Shenzhen team.In the end, shenzhen even reached the last eight of the league. The main reason was not that Shenzhen found the strongest foreign aid, but that qiu Biao, the head coach, completely activated most of the young players in the team.The first stage of the new season shenzhen team can lead all the way, in addition to the foreign aid Booker, the further maturity of domestic players is the key.Midway is not big bird Shen Zijie suffered injuries, I am afraid shenzhen team’s record will still be the forefront of the league.Facing Beijing shougang team, Shenzhen team really hit their own youth storm;Booker was responsible for 35 points.Five Chinese players still scored in double figures, including He Xining (15), Shen Zijie (13), Wu Zihan (12), Yang Linyi (12) and Zhao Yiming (11).From this point of view, if the team wants to win the game, the foreign aid is the key, but the domestic players do not have the ability to attack, the team can only win by luck.For the Beijing Ducks, Lin scored 21 points and Barry Brown 20.Only Li Muhao scored 10 points and Fan Ziming 13.Such a performance how to win the game, shenzhen team young Zhao Yiming unexpectedly can get 11 points;And Beijing Shougang backup lineman Qiu Tiandu has played five seasons and is still in single digits so far.How does this compare with shenzhen team?Team forward guquan injured, main scorer Lu Yiwen injured, big foreign aid Salinger injured.These are all shenzhen team starters;Beijing Shougang in addition to Fang Shuo basic full main lineup, but almost the whole game was suppressed by shenzhen team;As the head coach of Shenzhen team, he not only used quan Hua Ban when the foreign aid Booker was injured, but also boldly used young inside zhao Yiming.The 21 – minute appearance time gave Shenzhen team a good buffer opportunity.With 11 points and 5 rebounds, there is a big gap between zhao yiming, who has the tonnage of Han Dejun, and his superior height.As long as he is on the inside, Beijing Shougang is hard to take advantage.Lee averaged 10.3 points and 5.7 rebounds in 12 seasons in the league.Facing his younger brother Zhao Yiming also only more than 2 rebounds.Zhao Yiming is a post-00 player, and 218cm taller than Li Muhao, weight is bigger than Li Muhao;Although the pace is not as good as Lee muhao, but pick-and-roll coordination and outside shooting seems to lose Lee Muhao.At 30 years old, there is little room for improvement, and with age and injuries, it is hard to see that number increasing.But Zhao Yiming is not the same, after 00 is the biggest capital, joined the league three seasons, the playing time is less than 10 minutes, this season was recognized by the guidance of Qiu Biao, gradually increased to about 13 minutes.As I mature and grow older, there will be a lot of room for improvement.Thus, Shenzhen team to give up Li Muhao is a little strange not strange.Zhao Yiming has the tonnage of Han Dejun, the height is more outstanding, and young;Given time, he should have no problem becoming the next Han Dejun, if not the future pillar of the national team.