Song Jia, “Baymax” of Yancheng: The “sharpest soldier” at the forefront of fighting the epidemic

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Yangzi Evening News network On April 2 (correspondent Sun Jinqiao reporter Fan Muxiaozi) Spring breeze intoxicated night, Yancheng Big zong Lakeside Binhu hospital doctors on duty room, a young male doctor is desk filling the day of epidemic prevention data.Suddenly, the phone rang in a hurry.Almost at the same time, the screen of his mobile phone blared with music and his “lover” invited him for a video call. He took a glance at the phone on his desk and said, “THIS is Song Jia, MMMM…All right, I’m coming!”Putting down the phone, he strode out the door.Song Jia, 29 years old, is the medical team leader of Binhu Health Hospital and a young Party member.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim, and there is increasing pressure to prevent imports from abroad and rebound from home.Since early March, Song Jia, a young Party member, has been on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.Originally, according to the appointment to video with her daughter, did not expect the office phone and mobile phone rang at the same time, while reporting data as soon as possible, while to the door nucleic acid sampling.Song Jia did not know how many times her cell phone and telephone rang at the same time.Since the outbreak of the new round of epidemic prevention and control battle, Song Jia, as the backbone of the hospital’s business, has not only been responsible for daily medical work, but also for learning COVID-19 knowledge and training of the hospital’s staff.In each training, Song jia, who has been fighting at the forefront of epidemic prevention for more than two years, took pains to guide colleagues to practice putting on and taking off protective clothing, explaining the essentials of nucleic acid collection and precautions, and repeatedly reminding them to further enhance the awareness of hospital sense and prevent the occurrence of hospital sense incidents.In the prevention and control of the epidemic in Dazhong Lake Tourist resort, the medical staff of Binhu Health Center played an important role, and Song Jia was the “sharp knife” in the team.Several rounds of full-staff nucleic acid testing, on-site nucleic acid sampling, nucleic acid collection in schools and nursing homes, “three in one” special classes, bayonet duty coordination……Where there are urgent and dangerous things, there is his figure, not a day did not work late into the night.When he finished his assault task and his colleagues went home for a rest, he had to rush back to the office to collect and check the epidemic prevention data, fill it out carefully and report it.Bayonet duty must wear protective clothing, in order to reduce unnecessary loss, but not delay the work, Song Jia did not dare to drink water before wearing protective clothing.At the end of one shift, the moment he took off his protective suit, he felt pain in his back, fatigue and deep red marks on the mask from his ear to the bridge of his nose.Even so, whenever there is a vacancy in any post, he always takes the post at any time, regardless of the hidden pain of the scar of the mask, the size of the protective suit, clenched teeth to stick to the post.In this post, he worked without rest for more than a month without a word of complaint.”Since the new round of COVID-19 broke out, Song Jia has been busy with epidemic prevention work except for half a day’s leave on the day of her mother’s operation.Seeing him very tired, I really felt sorry for him and advised him to take a rest for many times, but he said that the hospital is very short of staff now, so Communists should bear more hardships!”Talking about his lover Song Jia, Binhu Hospital nurse Song Ping on the nose sour, sometimes for several days his daughter can not see him, he is very miss him.Song Jia’s daughter is already in kindergarten. Song Jia often works overtime and is on duty in the hospital and seldom spends time with her daughter.Now that she has not seen her father for many days, she pesters her mother to ask where he has gone.Knowing that her father was on duty at the quarantine point, she angrily said: “Other people’s father every day to play with the baby, my father knows on duty, on duty.”In the face of her daughter’s questioning, Song Ping did not know how to answer.Therefore, they agreed with Song Jia, try to find time to video with their daughter once a day.Even such an agreement, Song Jia because of dealing with unexpected things and beloved daughter “break an appointment”.This time, song jia had mixed feelings before receiving the video of her “lover” and making out with her daughter.One o ‘clock in the morning, he finished the day’s work, dragged his heavy legs back to the dormitory, opened the mobile phone to “love” message: “today did not come and receive video, for me to say sorry to my daughter!!””There is one more favor to ask of you. Get up tomorrow morning and kiss my daughter for me. Tell her father will always love her…”.Great longitudinal lake night, especially quiet, people have been immersed in a sweet dream.Song Jia knows that he is guilty of his parents, wife and daughter, but if we do not fight the epidemic away, people will not live a happy and peaceful life. I must devote myself to the prevention and control of the epidemic and daily medical work, and continue the fight to win the battle of annihilation.Proofreading Su Yun