Full-length legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” 44

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3. Cui Chunming came back from the street and saw the house in a mess, with several paper balls on the ground.He picked one up at random, opened it and was surprised.’Big brother’s uncle lost his head’, this what words?After reading the following words, he finally understood what Qin Dongsheng wanted to express and laughed.When Xia Kehan was sulking, she lay on the kang and cried unhappily, “What is the noise?Everyone knows you’re loud, this isn’t a stage…”When Xia Han draws lots to make mischief, took advantage of cui Chunming’s heart was not a taste.Today, he shouted, some angry, they immediately quarrel, each other, the more noisy voice, the Qin Lanya, naughty, etc., are alarmed to stop the fight.When Qin Dongsheng came back, they had just settled their quarrel. They were angry and sat silent.Naughty then took the rattle out to play. Qin Dongsheng snatched it for fear that it might be damaged.Naughty not to accept, two people also make uncomfortable.Suddenly hear Hu Qiuchan’s laughter has been in the courtyard drift, Qin Dongsheng dropped naughty, out of the door.Hu Qiuchan looked at him instead of smiling, deliberately plate face, asked: “hum!What you’ve done…”Qin Dongsheng thought she blamed the damage of the umbrella, busy explanation way: “Autumn Chan young lady, just I’m not good, make you unhappy.Please don’t be offended.Damaged your umbrella, my big brother and I went to yongshou county shop, really can not find your umbrella.This place is small, there is no way, so I picked out the best umbrella for you.You just have to make do with it.””What zen am I asking for?You want me to be a nun?Can you afford my life?”Hu Qiuchan asked while laughing and laughing.Qin Lanya, Xia Kehan and Naughty couldn’t understand what she was saying, and Qin Dongsheng was the monk of Zhang ‘er.Only Cui Chunming knew, because he had just seen the paper discarded by Qin Dongsheng.”What did you write?”Hu Qiuchan saw his manner confused, point a wake up.Naughty listen to, busy into the house to pick up a ball of paper, out to Qin LAN bud.Qin Lanya also kept laughing when she saw it. Xia Kehan stretched her neck like wild goose to see it and laughed heartily.Qin Dongsheng realized that there must be something wrong with what he had written. He snatched it away and looked at it again and again, but he could not see what was wrong.”What’s wrong with that?Who asked you to be a nun?What’s wrong with that?””It’s more than wrong. It’s a great joke.Write my name like this.”Hu Qiuchan squatted down, picked up a branch on the ground to write “Hu Qiuchan” three words.”I — I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to.”Qin Dongsheng embarrassedly rise, blush to resemble monkey P unit.Hu Qiuchan then pointed out: “There is the word ‘axe’, you wrote the word ‘ye’, ‘umbrella’ in the word ‘life’, ‘Yang’ in the word ‘sheep’.Aren’t you trying to kill me?””Hey, hey…Qin Dongsheng giggled, do not know how to answer?Qin GUI back from the outside, see Qin Dongsheng and Hu Qiuchan in the hospital cheerful appearance, not only frown.Admonitions again and again have no effect, he still go his own way.He couldn’t just worry; he had to stop this burning of fire.He must not be made to pay dearly for this fruitless folly.”The horse to the cliff rein late, the ship line jiangxin difficult to mend the leak.”If you end up with a great wound, you’ll regret it too much.He made an excuse before entering the house.”Winter sheng, do something serious. The table in my room is almost scattered. You come and fix it.”Qin Dongsheng answered, but did not take action.Hu Qiuchan is not happy, she can not hear the flavor of this word?She looked at qin Dongsheng for a long time until he lowered his head and kept silent.”Your foster father turned me away,” she said angrily.What’s wrong with me going to him, teaching you to read, talking to you?Every time he comes, he doesn’t welcome him, I can tell…”Qin Dongsheng was busy blocking her from going.”Don’t make him angry, or I won’t dare to find you in the future.I’m afraid of him. He’s not well.Go home first.””To be afraid, to be afraid, to be afraid of him.When he tells you to face east, you dare not go west;When he tells you to take one step, don’t you dare lift your foot more than once.Hum!Take your life, coward.”Looking at Hu Qiuchan unhappy to leave, Qin Dongsheng is very depressed.Going into my foster father’s house and really looking for tools to fix the table.Qin GUI cold face, again hard to teach some.Qin Dongsheng did not dare to lift his head and squeezed a word “yes” from between his teeth.A dim crescent moon hung high in the deep blue sky, and a dim lantern was placed on a stone table in the Courtyard of the Guandi Temple. The people were rehearsing in full swing for the wedding scene of the Young Wang.Sun Yumei appeared at the door of the temple, the night appears so small and thin, Cui Chunming side wipe sweat side rushed over, see her as if there is something the same.She turned to leave, he looked after her back, a feeling of pity arose spontaneously, asked her what was the matter, is it mother Sun health, or…Without uttering a word, she shook her head and threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks.Holding this strong man was like holding a big tree, wishing he could shelter her from the wind and rain, but he did not belong to her.Tomorrow she will be someone else’s bride, and from now on they will live in different worlds. Maybe they will never see the flower-faced brother again.”Hua-faced brother, can you remember Yumei?””That’s nonsense.How could I forget your little sister?”He comforted her, “Yumei, if you have something difficult to say, let’s try to solve it together.””Nothing.”She opened her bag and handed him a pair of new cloth shoes. “Hua-faced brother, I made them for you. If you put them on, you will remember Yumei.”He took it delightedly and touched his head involuntarily.Tao: “It cost you.That’s, that’s not funny…””If you haven’t paid me back for my mother’s medicine, think of it as buying these shoes.”He clutched the new cloth shoes in his hand, feeling grateful.”It’s getting late. Mother Sun will worry. I’ll take you home.””No.Now I’m bold. I’m not afraid of anything.You go home, big brother.”She gave him a push, turned and disappeared into the night.G, Wang family courtyard and decorated, a festive color.A band of musicians played in front, and a bridal sedan chair carried the new wife back.At the door of the head, there was a great deal of traffic, and guests, maids and fellows came and went.The “crackling” firecrackers were deafening.Deacon woman pulled up on the ground to pick up firecrackers Wang Hui, to pick up the new sedan, Wang Hui is happy, do not want to leave.Seeing this, Wang Yaozu shoved him by the ear to the deacon woman.The deacon mumbled as she pulled the colorful flowers running up his back and dragged him to the sedan chair.