It is suggested that Wuma Copper be merged into Wuhu city to promote the development of southern Anhui!

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The new zoning adjustment proposal of Anhui province, the merger of Wuwu, Ma and Tong to form wuhu City, to drive the development of southern Anhui!It is suggested that Suzhou and Huaibei be merged into Huaibei City and be integrated into xuzhou metropolitan area nearby!Can say so, in the past ten years, Anhui division adjustment achievement is magnificent!Anhui from the past some cities are too small and weak, and some city pony pull big car belt does not move, to gradually merge optimization and so on a series of measures to do quite reasonable!For example, the most popular pen is Hefei, Wuhu, Maanshan three points chaohu!Hefei took the former Chaohu lake area chaohu and Lujiang, making Hefei from a chaohu lake coastal city into the Chaohu Lake into the inner lake city, making the development space of Hefei further enlarged, for the development of Hefei injected new vitality;And Maanshan received hexian, Hanshan, Wuhu received Wuwei, also makes Wuhu and Maanshan from the previous riverside city into a city across the river, the space for urban development to further improve!Later shou County from Liu ‘an to Huainan;Fir Yang from Anqing to Tongling and other measures, on the one hand, for The city of Lu ‘an, Anqing these two counties play a role in reducing the burden;On the other hand, the relative expansion of Huainan and Tongling urban development space!Can say so, in a series of administrative division adjustment in the past, Anhui is the most successful, but also make Anhui gradually developed into a big province of domestic economy!But from the current existing anhui map, in fact, Anhui still have further administrative division adjustment and optimization space!The most important suggestion is that Wumatong has changed from a city along the Yangtze River to a city across the Yangtze River during the adjustment of administrative divisions in the past 10 years, which is something to be congratulated.In fact, we can go one step further, that is, wumatong will be merged into Wuhu City, driving the development of other 4 cities in southern Anhui!If wuwu, Ma and Copper merge, the area of Dawuhu will be 13,083km ², with a population of 7.11 million and a total GDP of 790.8 billion!Per capita GDP of more than 100,000 yuan!In terms of population, area and economy, Wuhu has the power to radiate and drive the other four cities in southern Anhui: Anqing, Chizhou, Huangshan and Xuancheng!At the same time, Hefei can focus on radiating and driving the middle and north anhui, Hefei and Wuhu city in Anhui Province each perform its own duties, double wheel drive, jointly drive the economic development of the two sides of the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River!At the same time, suzhou and Huaibei in the north of Anhui are too far away from Hefei, while Xuzhou is on the border of Anhui and Jiangsu.Suzhou and Huaibei were small in area and population!The two can be combined to form a new Huaibei city, and then together into xuzhou metropolitan area!So Hefei radiates central and northern Anhui;Dawuhu radiates south Anhui;Great Huaibei into xuzhou metropolitan area, in the economic planning of the whole Anhui, from south to north, anhui economy as a whole will benefit from all aspects!