If you don’t want to get married, should you confess to your parents?

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Mr. Li is the only child in the family, 34 years old this year, there is a monthly income of 10,000 or so special effects production technology work, currently living in suzhou a 40 flat duplex apartment, apartment down payment is paid by parents, the monthly mortgage is responsible for Mr. Li, more than 2300, there are six years to pay off.Mr. Li’s parents have retired and live with Mr. Li in Suzhou. The two old people have a combined monthly pension of about 10,000 yuan. In 2020, they helped Mr. Li to buy a house of about 2.3 million yuan, and paid 30% down payment.Lee mother fuck broken heart for Mr. Li to find object, thought his son relationship is simple, without any bad habits, all be net, polite, caring, family also adopted two stray cat, relationships and colleagues often about colleagues have dinner together in the home, but is the male colleague, is not to find the object.Mr. Li’s mother became increasingly anxious, during the period also launched the relationship of friends and relatives to Introduce Several girls to Mr. Li, each time is said to add wechat first chat, but without exception there is no follow-up.Approaching the Chinese New Year, Mr. Li’s mother in the neighbor’s introduction of the same community Miss Wang’s mother, Miss Wang is also the only child in the family.Two mothers talk to their own situations, miss wang this year 25 years old, working in a hotel, my hometown is in gansu province, the mother retired, live in suzhou with miss wang, my father worked in a state-owned enterprises, there are 10 years in retirement, parents not willing to miss wang daughter suffers, full to miss wang bought an apartment, and miss wang mother think miss wang colleagues are female,There are no channels to contact the opposite sex, but also worried about the daughter to find a partner.After looking at each other’s pictures of their children, the two mothers asked their children whether they would like to have an opinion. Both Mr. Li and Miss Wang agreed.The two mothers were a little happy, but At this point, Mr. Li suggested that they add their own wechat chat, do not want their parents to intervene, so Mr. Li added Miss Wang’s wechat.Mr. Li’s mother felt that Mr. Li may really grow up, and really began to take the initiative to find a partner, happy to feel that the day and have a look forward to, then a few days from time to time with Mr. Li said that men should take the initiative, Mr. Li is well, good reply, but still let the mother do not hold too high expectations.However, a few days later, Mr. Li’s mother accidentally learned from the middleman that After Mr. Li added Miss Wang’s wechat account, he directly told Miss Wang that he did not want to get married and was forced to go on a blind date, and asked if Miss Wang was also forced to do so.Miss Wang was originally voluntary, but in this case for the sake of face can only lie that he is also forced, Mr Li said with Miss Wang as a neighbor friend, together with the parents, Miss Wang agreed.Miss Wang has always been friends with her parents, do not want to deceive her mother, privately told her mother the situation, let her mother have a good number of hearts, but also asked her mother not to say to Aunt Li, so as not to quarrel with her son aunt Li.Miss Wang’s mother is also a reasonable person, informed the middleman, also asked not to say.The middleman looked at Mr. Li’s mother at that time from time to time, or cruelly told Mr. Li’s mother, also persuaded not to blame Mr. Li.After Mr. Li’s mother knew the truth, she felt very sad. She felt that her son was not only irresponsible to himself but also to others by doing this to her. Meanwhile, the expectation for the future and the doubt about her educational achievements made her want to go back home with her husband.So, if you don’t want to get married, should you tell your parents?Should be completely told parents clearly, let parents put down expectations, or with lies for parents now happy mood?