The “Smile Come True” public welfare program is implemented to help children with cleft lip and palate smile

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At the beginning of 2022, Holley Group and the China Children’s Charity Smile Operation Special Fund jointly launched the “Smile Come True” public welfare program to help children with cleft lip and palate, which will provide free professional treatment and related support for children with cleft lip and palate in remote areas through a series of practical actions.In order to better interpret the brand concept of “beauty comes from smiles”, Hollyway group adopted the name “Hollyway” instead of “Black Toothpaste” to fulfill its commitment to public welfare.In China, about one in every 600 newborns is born with cleft lip, palate, or both.Drinking water, eating, talking, smiling, these seemingly ordinary things have become great difficulties in their lives.As they grow older, they will also suffer from both psychological and social pressures.As a leading brand of oral care products, Hollyway Group is committed to “bringing healthy mouth and confident smile to everyone”, and has paid more attention to children with cleft lip and palate who have special needs of oral care.With the official launch of the “Smile Come True” program jointly initiated by the Group and the Special Fund of Smile Action of China Children’s Charity, helping children with cleft lip and palate to have a healthy and confident smile has also been put on the agenda of the group’s public welfare activities.At the beginning of the “Smile Come True” program, Holley Group invited several children with cleft lips and palates to participate in the “My Smile Wish” public welfare painting activity, and let the children paint their smile wish with a brush.Among them, Xiaolin Lin, a child with cleft lip and palate from zhaotong Mountain in Yunnan Province, drew a picture of a group of young friends playing happily under a tree, which moved the volunteers.In February 2022, a team of Hollyway Group volunteers and operation Smile staff went to Xiao Lin’s home to visit her real life.It is understood that many families of children, especially those in remote areas, are unable to afford the cost of cleft lip and palate surgery, which often leads to missing the best opportunity for treatment.In order to effectively help these children with cleft lip and palate and let more people pay attention to their situation, Holloway Group will launch relevant public welfare measures after in-depth understanding of the real needs of children with cleft lip and palate, including working with a new brand smile Ambassador to call for more people to pay attention to and care for patients with cleft lip and palate.Regular donation of cleft lip and palate repair operations for free diagnosis activities.From the latest news, Holcome Group has been preparing for the first free clinic this year.At that time, the staff will form a volunteer team to help the children and their families.In addition, Hallcome will also present professional oral care products to guide children to better maintain oral health and help them smile confidently.At the end of 2021, Holloway Group launched the “Brand Renewal Program”.To better reflect the brand concept of “beauty comes from smiles”, DARLIE, the group’s oral care brand, has adopted the company’s original Chinese name “Haolai” instead of “Black toothpaste”.At the same time, Hollyway Group promises to shoulder stronger social responsibility, explore and implement measures and actions to promote green and sustainable development, and upgrade public welfare activities.At the time, the group also said that it would continue the charity projects it had started and that it was preparing a new charity campaign.Now, it seems that the launch of the “Smile Come True” public welfare plan is not only a new public welfare measure launched by Holley Group, but also an important action to fulfill its public welfare commitment.Conclusion: Practicing public welfare undertakings with greater enthusiasm and helping and improving the quality of life of social vulnerable groups with the power within our power is the embodiment of corporate responsibility.We hope that in the future, more enterprises and individuals will participate in and promote the implementation of public welfare activities together with Holcome, and jointly create a friendly, caring and mutual assistance social environment, so that smile light up life, so that beauty comes from smile.