The story of the original god sea Lantern Festival is very warm, the shadow behind the coagulation skin is a bug, the sea beast directly hit 6 times

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I’ve already had a trip.Therefore, you have to like me to reach the end, in their own eyes, leaving the precipitation of the world.Hi, I’m Boyue and thanks for opening this original fugue.Boyue will often share some original god information and strategies to everyone, hope that everyone can defeat Tianli as soon as possible, out of Tiwat.The final scene of the Hawali festival of The Original God in 2022 has been officially opened. The overall rhythm is warm and warm. It centers on how to let workaholics take a rest and the final fireworks reunion animation is also great.Coagulation new skin and optional 4 stars will also be available to receive, but some careful players will find that the bone marks on the back of coagulation are missing after the new skin is changed, and for a while they thought they had suffered a dark change. In fact, this is a bug that will be fixed in 2.5.In the end, it was a bit boring to grind 6 bosses in a row, but fortunately it was relatively easy to fight, not as scary as a bunch of small quests in hawali before.Fly color engrave time final story brief introduction: above all it is line autumn and heavy cloud this pair of CP again gave players feed second dog food, then “clumsy” carve fine put a fireworks to celebrate next New Year’s eve to the player.Yun Jin also appeared at the last moment, but it is not to hear another song, “goddess split view” will become the swan song of Yun Jin, hope the 2023 haidangjie hosted by Yun Jin, everyone together in the audience to see the play, finally put fireworks behind the reunion.CG animation: the CG animation of the Hai Lantern Festival is good, almost all the hyaluron people are seen, including a special pair of CP from northland Bank.Usually play better several roles are together to enjoy the fireworks, here ganyu and Shenhe figure fireworks super beautiful, walnut and bell from the cp feeling.Condensing light of new skin introduction: condensing light of new skin believe that most players have been taken, and carve clear that set corresponding, should be the two most beautiful costumes at present, the game in the real outfit experience really amazing.The bones in her back are no longer visible. Some players also noticed the same thing about Ula’s back. Is that what happened to the previous four female characters?Actually it is not, it is a bug, it will be fixed in version 2.5, you can rest assured, normally even harmony will not be harmonious such a strange place.Year beast boss wants liver 6 times introduction: say good lead a relaxed sea Lantern Festival, the result still wants liver 6 times boss, however difficulty is not high, be boss old love to shrink into the water or stand far more hate.This side will be a little slower without ranged, but only a little slower. When the boss’s head is on the shore, the round of melee output will be over, and the single head will be a little higher than the world boss with no rice wife.In order to save a lot of trouble later in the holiday season, most players will probably just skip 6 rounds.Fireworks production and lantern riddle fireworks: the last 2 fireworks are too lazy to make perfect, anyway, it does not affect all the awards, here we suggest that the first random production of 2 endurance ceiling first pull up, then come back to adjust the score, will be easier, fire and hard to use, save endurance.Lantern riddles: the difficulty of the last 3 lantern riddles is very high, plus there is no original stone reward, we can have normal entertainment, do not pursue must be solved before the pattern comes out, finally the crane that may only know how it is the shadow.Xuan wall cloud gather: to play 4 elite strange, get together strange role, throw a firecracker soon can solve, this also only need to play 1, easy and simple.Summary of the overall or very easy a sea Lantern Festival, new gameplay is also more interesting, although the difficulty is an effort to rise.Whirlpool demon god’s wife this friendship as year beast, when the dozen play, meng new players may grind for a long time.Unfortunately, without Mr. Cloud’s new play or feel less passionate, we are satisfied with the festival of lights?Happy New Year’s Eve, happy New Year! You are far across the sky, across the stars, engraved history in your memory, you can one day in the future, with you to another world.Follow Boyue and cross the world with you.