Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran two cooperation, “This life has you” about static life revealed, the big villain online

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It is clearly an old plot old routine love drama, the result of the drama is not a few people.Male protagonists play brothers turned against each other and chasing after his wife, female protagonists play bitter drama, struggling between male and male two, such a play is almost obsolete, “This life has you” is the case.If not for zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran two cooperation, will not go to the play.Turns out it was okay at the beginning, and then it went up.The show has only been on the air for less than a week, and the ratings and reviews have been phenomenal. I’m sure there are a lot of people who, like me, initially went to see them.Speaking of zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran twice cooperation, “Too late to say I love you” is also a bitter drama, the tone of the whole play and “This life has you” about the same, this is why Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran in the performance of Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing 2 roles, so skilled, so good.In This Life, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng meet again after a seven-year absence. Tan Jing shows up with a son and an alcoholic husband, and the relationship between the two begins.Based on current ratings, the show has played its cards right, using a well-worn script to create a relatable drama that requires a talented actor to pull off.1, talk about life, NieDongYuan open the road to rob to sun in the latest forecast, NieYuSheng begging right uncle help you find the talk about static father’s project and clues, and reveal about static father ShaoHua is a project manager 苳 far group, later, for unknown reasons, talk about static home become fragmented, after she and NieYuSheng affair didn’t also the below.According to the beginning of the memories, Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing knew each other when they were students. If Nie Dongyuan knew Tan Shaohua from the beginning, then nie Yusheng and Tan Jing were childhood friends. No wonder Nie Yusheng had a special liking for Tan Jing and loved her so deeply.It is worth noting that since Tan Shaohua is not an ordinary person, how to say it is also a senior executive of the group, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng are equally worthy, why Nie Dongyuan will forcibly break up the two people, this is a question.2, talk about static suffer so really related to NieDongYuan in trailer, 18 NieDongYuan and uncle to discuss how to deal with Scott rozelle, also let right uncle survey Scott rozelle peace talks, the relation between static found that Scott rozelle talks static marriage is nominally, the audience suddenly began to anger and attitude also does a u-turn and sympathy drunkard Scott rozelle.Actually, in the original story, Sun Zhijun is kind and does not drink too much in the beginning. His fondness for drinking and laziness are forced by Tan Jing and Nie’s family.Through the preview, we also know that Sun Zhijun and Nie family long ago have a quarrel, but also know about shaohua and Nie Dongyuan’s relationship, otherwise Sun Zhijun will not abuse Nie Dongyuan.3, NieDongYuan grandson, by a villain plotting against perhaps everyone pretty hate NieDongYuan, also think NieDongYuan is a selfish autocratic father, in the original version, NieDongYuan finally reveal their own all for children, if the film and television play, according to the original believe subsequent plots will also come a big reversal.Nie Dongyuan knew tan Jing appeared, and know the side with a son, he identified that son is his grandson, a rush to seize, insisted that it was Tan Jing and Nie Dongyuan’s son, that is, his good sun, and even dragged the old arms and legs in the hospital and Sun Zhijun Shouting.As a result, Nie Dongyuan was in a coma because of excitement, the villain Sheng Fangting began to be ready to move, everywhere installed eyeliner and chess pieces, planned to enter the bruguiyuan.Nie Dongyuan did not think that he once planted the evil fruit will be early revenge himself.In the synopsis, Sheng Fangting, nie Dongyuan’s illegitimate son, has been disliked by everyone since birth and has suffered a lot. Sheng fangting has been wanting to retaliate against nie’s family ever since.In general, the beginning and end of this play are relatively easy to understand, the ending is also easy to guess, but the plot in the middle is more twists and turns, I think the middle part of the plot is worth watching, as for the end, do not need to see, because the plot is too similar to the hit drama not long ago.