Beihai: the highest reward of 200,000 yuan!

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@Beihai people found smuggling clues quickly report!At present, the situation of the spread of the epidemic abroad is becoming more and more serious. In order to implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of “prevent imported cases from abroad and prevent rebound at home”, block the transmission channels of the epidemic abroad, and ensure people’s health and orderly life,Fully mobilize all sectors of society and the vast majority of the people actively provide clues to the smuggling cases, each case can win award of 200000 yuan, now just to report illegal crime of smuggling clues reward items notice is as follows: first, smuggled case clues range (a) the state prohibits the import and export goods and articles, especially meat, frozen goods, etc.);(2) using “three no-ships”, especially high-horsepower motor boats (” Dafei “) for smuggling;Illegally operating shipbuilding dens (black shipyards), illegally importing and trading high-horsepower boat tail engines, illegally manufacturing, repairing and refit high-horsepower speedboats, etc.;(3) other involved smuggling related behaviors (including but not limited to: for smuggling crimes suspects “as lookouts watch water”, handling, casing communications, providing a hiding place, purchase of imported goods and articles, for illegal and criminal suspects to provide loans, funds, account, invoices, certificates, or to provide transportation, storage, mailing, etc).The first informant to report smuggling clues will be rewarded (in RMB) according to the following standards: (1) for reporting smuggling of meat and frozen products prohibited from import by the State, the specific reward standard is: for reporting less than 10 tons (including 10 tons) at a time, the maximum reward is RMB 20,000;Those who seize more than 10 tons and less than 50 tons at a time will be rewarded with a maximum reward of 50,000 yuan.If more than 50 tons are seized at one time and the case is particularly serious, the reward for reporting will be up to 200,000 yuan.(2) Providing smuggling clues of other non-meat and frozen goods (excluding tobacco monopoly commodities) prohibited by the State and verified by public security organs shall be rewarded with a maximum reward of RMB 5,000 for each case.(3) Providing clues for smuggling of tobacco monopoly commodities, which are verified by the public security organ, the Tobacco Monopoly Administration shall, in accordance with relevant provisions, draw rewards for reporting such information.(4) Reward RMB 2,000 for each vessel (vehicle) provided with clues as to the owner and berthing location of the vessels, vehicles and other means of transport involved in private affairs, which are verified by the public security organs.Those who provide and seize the speedboat with high horsepower involved in private affairs will be rewarded with 2000 yuan for each engine.(5) Provide illegal shipbuilding dens, illegally import, trade in high-horsepower stern engines, and illegally manufacture, maintain or modify high-horsepower speedboats, which are verified by public security organs, and shall be rewarded with a maximum reward of RMB 10,000 yuan for each case.(6) Reward RMB 50,000 yuan for providing suspected smuggling clues and assisting public security organs to crack smuggling cases and capture the principal offenders;For major and extra-serious cases, the maximum reward for each case shall be RMB 200,000 yuan.The public can report by telephone, on-site visit or directly to the public security organs.The land-based hotline is 110.Maritime reporting hotline: 95110. Real-name reporting is encouraged. Those who cannot verify the identity of the informant will not be included in the reward scope.The informant shall, within 30 days from the date of receiving the award notice, go to the place designated by the public security organ with his/her valid id card to claim the prize. Failure to claim the prize within the time limit shall be regarded as giving up.Rewards for reporting smuggling of tobacco monopoly commodities shall be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Tobacco Monopoly Administration.This award shall be explained by Beihai Comprehensive Anti-Smuggling Control Office, Beihai Public Security Bureau and Beihai Tobacco Monopoly Administration.(1) The reported incidents should be objective and true, and should include clear reported objects and illegal acts, accurate location of illegal and criminal activities, etc., so as to facilitate the accurate crackdown by public security organs.Clues already mastered by public security organs or relevant units shall not be included in the reward scope.If the same clue involves two or more informants, the informant who provides the clue first shall be rewarded.(3) The reward for clues in the same case shall not be accumulated repeatedly and shall be awarded according to the highest reward standard.(4) The public security organs shall keep the informants and the information reported strictly confidential. The public security organs shall investigate the legal responsibilities of the informants who falsely report police information, fabricate or spread false information, or falsely accuse others under the name of the informants.(5) The government and public security organs will do a good job in the confidentiality of whistleblowers’ information, and will severely punish those who threaten or retaliate against whistleblowers according to law