Eight first-round picks in the bubble?If Harden leaves, the Nets are going to get nothing.

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According to NBA reporter Jake Fischer, James Harden is unhappy with the current state of the Nets, coach Steve Nash’s coaching skills, and his role with the team.If the Nets don’t make a serious playoff push this season, Harden will likely test the free agency waters this summer.It couldn’t get any worse for the Nets.In recent years, teams have had to pay a hefty daily luxury tax to assemble a big Three plus good role players.And if that kind of spending doesn’t lead to a championship in consecutive years, or even a trip to the Eastern Conference, it’s a complete failure.Unlike Harden, Durant and Irving both shot as free agents, and the Nets didn’t pay anything other than Max contracts for the two All-stars.Harden is a different story.To acquire Harden, the Nets gave the Rockets four future first-round picks (one from the Cavs) and four first-round swaps, as well as potential post player Jarrett Allen.To put it bluntly, in acquiring Harden, the Nets essentially gave away the entire future of the franchise.For the Nets, if Harden does decide to leave this offseason, the best they can do is sign and trade for someone with obvious technical flaws like Simmons.There is a significant gap between Simmons and Harden in terms of strength. Even Harden can’t help the Nets win a championship, and Simmons is not going to be the key to success for the Nets.What’s more, with Durant getting older and more injured, and Irving’s future uncertain, the Nets are in danger of falling apart next season.Can only say the management of the nets in all aspects of the processing is really too indecisive.With irving as difficult as he is, the Nets should be quick to punish and trade.A coach as inadequate as Steve Nash should be fired as soon as possible.Everything is blindly obedient, blindly compromise, in the end is a basket of water.With Harden gone, the Nets have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in luxury taxes and won’t be able to rise in the next few years. What could be worse?# # harden