Two “super cool” low-speed electric vehicles, with a range of 150 km, can carry 4 to 5 people, suitable for walking

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Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.Low speed electric vehicle with the increase of the elderly car demand, is now one of the mainstream models, in China has more than ten million of the possession, however, this kind of transport tools for the elderly use, are simple modeling, simple materials, basically and electric three-wheel caravan difference, is more than a wheel., of course, not all of the models, it is so simple, small expert direct messages received a net friend, hope to introduce some has fashion, domineering, cool flavor of low-speed electric cars, this type of old car instead of walking, but relatively few, but little connoisseur by collecting, or find I think belong to “cool” low-speed electric cars, car looks very “ambition”,And, the endurance of 150 kilometers, can carry 4 to 5 people, the whole family travel, transport can be used, the following to introduce their situation, see if you will like it.Section 1: Xin Zhi Da Sen to dudu highlights:Appearance fashion, cool, this is from the outside, “different” electric vehicles at low speed, and the single from the outside, it is can’t see it is old car instead of walking, more like a fashion of the electric car, all black solid color fastens, before the face of carrying multiple sizes and distribution of light, on the road, it is the most beautiful car.(1) Appearance size: The vehicle has two versions: the first is a two-door four-seat model with a vehicle size of 2960×1493×1460mm; the second is a four-door four-seat model with a vehicle size of 3390×1493×1540mm. The standard carrying capacity of the former model is 2 adults and 2 children, while the latter is 4 adults.(2) Power performance: The power performance of this car is good, equipped with 4000W power motor, which can achieve a top speed of 58 km/h.(3) Battery life: equipped with 6 superway colloid maintenance free battery, can be more resistant to low temperature, and the battery capacity is 120AH, can achieve a charge, the battery life is about 150 kilometers.(4) Safety configuration: the vehicle is equipped with brake power import controller, to achieve anti-slip vehicle function, so that the driving is safer;To ensure the lighting system of night travel, this car is very excellent, the vehicle’s close light, high beams, fog lights, taillights, width lights and so on, is everything.(5) Function configuration:The function configuration of this car is a relatively rare old car instead of walking is complete, the vehicle carrying the 7 inch screen, support reverse images, entertainment, a key launch vehicle configuration, electric rearview mirror adjustment and open the trunk, lift the window of the intelligent control, equipped with bluetooth music, mobile phone network system, and, outside these functional configuration, it also carried a space changes in temperature,Very practical.(6) Other situations: This car is not only fashionable in appearance, but also adopts the “cool” element of the rear bezel-less door, which makes the car more fashionable. Low-speed electric car also has the “fashionable feeling” of super luxury car.Section 2: Wei Huang BC highlights:Low-speed electric cars in the jeep models, domineering feels dye-in-the-wood many of the car have a jeep “dream”, like the domineering models, and the traditional old small off-road vehicle is basically is given priority to, and the appearance of this car has a similar to jeep modelling, in addition, the price of this car is more economical, although look very atmosphere, but the price is only 15000 or so,And ordinary low speed electric car price is similar.(1) Appearance size: Although it looks very grand, this car is not particularly large in terms of size. The vehicle size is 3000×1500×1610mm. It is a four-door and five-seat model, which can be used for family travel.(2) Power performance: The vehicle is equipped with a 1500W power motor, which is the “price” of affordable price. However, although the power is not high, it can still support a top speed of 50km/h.(3) Endurance: the vehicle is equipped with 60V80AH new energy battery, which can achieve a endurance of 120 kilometers. In addition, 100AH battery can be selected to achieve a endurance of about 150 kilometers.(4) Safety configuration: the vehicle is equipped with four wheel disc brake, which does not have too many highlights, but also to ensure the basic braking sensitivity of the vehicle, to stop can stop immediately;The suspension system of the vehicle is the shock absorption of the front bracket beam and the spiral spring to ensure the safety and comfort of the vehicle.(5) Function configuration: The vehicle is equipped with language Internet display screen to support reversing image. In addition, the car is also equipped with reversing radar to make reversing more convenient;In addition, although this car is not expensive, but also equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning.(6) Other situations: The vehicle is equipped with vacuum explosion-proof tires, which can make it safer to drive on complicated roads;The vehicle is equipped with high light LED headlights, the irradiation distance will be further, driving at night is not affected;In addition, the vehicle is equipped with hydraulic power steering pump, making steering easier and more comfortable.Above is two small expert think appearance “different” low-speed electric cars, from the old car instead of walking, which is different from traditional on modelling them a more cool in appearance, one is more swagger on modelling, in addition, both the same, on life on power slightly deviation, of course, no matter what appearance, still can not change they belong to the low speed electric car,The highest speed is only 50 km/h or so, only suitable for short distance transport, pick up children and other car demand.So, of these two low speed electric vehicles, which one do you think is better?Do you think the appearance level of the elderly mobility scooter is important?Comments are welcome.