40 Starlink satellites in the United States were destroyed by a geomagnetic storm, costing Musk tens of millions of dollars

2022-07-24 0 By

The satellite in the sky will not fall down, not because the space where the satellite is not from the earth’s gravity, there is no air resistance, just because they fly fast enough, and the satellite also carries power equipment, constantly adjust the orbit, accelerate themselves, will not fall down.The US starlink satellite is not very high at 210 kilometers above sea level.In the height of the space there are a lot of air particles, particles is more thin, only will accelerate chain by satellite carry their own part of the fuel, so the air is not normally affect the satellite normal flight, however, the United States to raise the latest satellite launch a group of 49 star chain haven’t formally adjust altitude, into orbit.Good unfortunately opportunely, dare to particle storms on the sun, the sun heats the planet in the solar wind particles of mass ejection of the outermost layer of the atmosphere is called layer of warming of the atmosphere, we’ve all heard about heat bilges cold shrink, the air is also such, so the chain satellite altitude air increases the density of particles is good, for satellite star chain drag is increased,Its own accelerators weren’t enough to sustain starlink’s original speed, so it was pulled back into earth’s atmosphere by gravity, but you don’t have to worry about being hit by 40 falling satellites, because we have atmospheric body armor here on Earth, and most meteorites,And when human aircraft enter the atmosphere, they get burned up by the heat of air particles rubbing against surfaces.So just like it and follow it if you get it.Goodbye to you at last.