Dazhong Daily reported on the job of first secretary of pingyi County Justice Bureau

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On February 11, Dazhong Daily reported on the job of the first secretary of the Pingyi County Justice Bureau.Pingyi: The first secretary asked the returnees for various opinions. More than 3,000 people “go home for the Spring Festival every year, and the appearance of the village does not change much.”Yue Jingwei, a 61-year-old villager who has worked in Beijing for many years, said a special meeting was held at the village committee of Yuejiamiao village, Fengyang Town, Pingyi County, on February 8.More than 10 returning villagers from Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities participated in the meeting. They are engaged in catering, logistics, e-commerce, sales and other industries and put forward opinions and suggestions on village construction from different perspectives.”Since I entered the village two months ago, I have repeatedly sought projects from the relevant departments of the county. Now I am making every effort to promote the work of cutting down poplar trees and returning to farming. After vacating the land, I will carry out the construction of high-efficiency farmland such as land trust and transfer according to the villagers’ wishes.”Li Yalin, the first secretary of the Pingyi County Justice Bureau, took notes as she listened.Before the Spring Festival, Pingyi County issued a notice to mobilize the first secretaries of provinces, cities and counties to organize a “I offer a Plan for the development of My Hometown” talk activity, seize the opportunity of visiting people and returning home during the Spring Festival, through the form of collective talks, talk about the development of the village, visit the door to listen to their aspirations.We also held “online discussions” by phone and video with those who stayed away during the Spring Festival and did not return home, welcoming their valuable opinions on the development of the village.At all levels of 170 villages residency by use of the Spring Festival, first secretary of the working personnel will return the favorable opportunity, the most satisfying position, into the fields, held seminars, etc., have opinions from all kinds of more than 3000, comprehensive support village in various fields to ascertain out personnel base, established by nearly ten thousand people working the villagers parameter, grasp employment, defined, contact information, etc.,We will ensure that the channels of communication between the first Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and assistance villages, as well as between officials stationed in rural areas and people living in other areas are kept open, and give full play to their advantages in wisdom, strength, resources and information, so that they can play a bigger role in the development of their hometowns and rural revitalization.”Many villagers are very concerned about the development of their own villages and are willing to give play to their expertise to promote common prosperity.”Yang Jianjun, the first secretary of Flower valley village, returned to the village on the second day of the first month to visit the work, deeply touched.Through the visit, he learned that the villager Zhang Zhiqiang runs a feed processing plant, ready to train several sales personnel in the village;Chen Qinghua works in zibo housekeeping service company, willing to provide free training and other information on housekeeping service for the village, and open up new employment channels for some women in the village.Yang jianjun took the lead at the first time to help them find candidates and recommend interested villagers to connect with each other.