Guo Yu men’s single one elder brother fear indefinite absence, Shi Yuqi has returned to the Jiangsu team, European games to see him

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Throughout The month of February, the BWF Tour goes into its off-season, and all the pros can enjoy a rare vacation.The Euroseries kicks off on March 8 with the German Open for the Super 300, followed by the All England Open for the Super 1000, followed by the Swiss Open for the Super 300.The intensity of each Monday’s event makes most of the players officially start the new season.According to the plan, the BWF will announce the list and signing form of the German Open and the All England tournament on February 5, and which members of the Chinese badminton team will participate in the competition will become the focus of attention of the fans.According to sources, Shi Yuqi, the first elder brother in men’s singles of China National Badminton Team, will be out of the game indefinitely. He has returned to jiangsu Provincial team and is in the adjustment period of injury recovery. He did not join the national team.After finishing the World Championship in Huelva, Spain at the end of last year, the national team basically meets chengdu Shuangliu base again and enters the winter training period to prepare for the new season.Before the World Championships, many famous Chinese players withdrew for various reasons, including Shi Yuqi in men’s singles, Chen Yufei in women’s singles and Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping in mixed doubles.In the second half of last year, they went to The Tokyo Olympics, Sudirman Cup, Tonyou Cup and European Series with the national Games in September. They participated in dozens of high-intensity matches in a row, which brought their physical strength and condition to the limit.Therefore, the national coaching staff took the overall situation into consideration and made adjustments to the participants before the World Championships.Although shi yuqi failed to achieve good results in the Tokyo Olympic Games, he lost to Denmark’s anserong in the quarterfinals, but failed to reach the quarterfinals.However, in the National Games, he won the gold medal of men’s singles. Later, in the Sudirman Cup, Shi yuqi led the national Team to defend the title of men’s singles.However, in the Thomas Cup, Although Guanyu defeated Japan in the semifinals, Shi Yuqi withdrew from the men’s singles match in the first match after falling behind to Kento Momota, which caused a great controversy.After that, Shi Yuqi did not appear in the final, it is reported that due to injury, the final National Yu was swept by India 3-0, failed to defend their title.Since then, the controversy over Shi yuqi continued until the world Championships, when he officially retired, and the news about him largely recovered.It is reported that After temporarily leaving the national team, Shi Yuqi chose to return to the Jiangsu provincial team. According to the information from the Nanjing Institute of Sport and the relevant channels of jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Shi Yuqi has been carrying out regular recovery training in the Jiangsu Provincial team, and also participated in some public welfare and promotion activities.It is doubtful whether Shi will be able to return to the national team for the European series as he did not join guyu for the winter training.Shi will be largely absent from the BWF’s German Open and All England rosters, which will be announced on Feb 5, and it remains unclear when he will return.The first half of 2022 is bound to be a rough start for The Kuniyu men’s singles.