The fundamental difference between humans and animals is our brains

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Like many people, I grew up ignorant of psychology and brain science, and my teachers at school knew very little about it.What impressed me most was that one of our beloved Chinese teachers talked about a lot of Freud’s theories.His profound knowledge, more eloquence, every class let people listen with relish.But one day, he suffered a massive head injury in a car accident, resulting in permanent mental damage.This happened in my senior year of high school.Perhaps subconsciously, I chose psychology as my third choice in Beijing Normal University.However, I was admitted by psychology as my first choice because of the lack of applicants.I am very grateful to the teacher who admitted me, but I hope our next generation will not be unfamiliar with psychology and brain science.The 21st century must be the century of brain science, which may be humanity’s last challenge.The mission of psychology and brain science is to understand how the brain works in order to help us develop better artificial intelligence.All this requires more talented, ambitious and persistent young people to devote themselves to this exciting field full of dreams and challenges.But at the same time, understanding how the human brain works is needed to better help us develop stronger human intelligence, improve the intellectual capital of society as a whole, compete with ARTIFICIAL intelligence and maintain human dignity.The popularization of scientific knowledge of brain science is of great significance to the healthy development of human brain, scientific education and the realization of human brain potential.Artificial intelligence and human brain intelligence of the peak of the showdown, such a wonderful, now the children, the future of hope, they should not just an audience.But the way the brain works is really complex, understanding it is just beginning, and the public’s hunger for brain science creates the risk of misrepresentation.There are many so-called “neuromyths” circulating in society, which, coupled with profit-driven myths, have contributed to the public’s misunderstanding of the brain.When I teach a brain science class, I often get asked the question of child education whenever there are parents in the room: “How do you develop the right brain?””When is the best time to learn a language?””Is the brain fixed once it’s born?”How to improve your memory?””What if the children don’t obey?”Every time I talk to you like this, I get the impression that there is a huge misunderstanding about the brain.Disseminating scientific brain knowledge is the responsibility and obligation of every brain science work.Although what we know today may soon be proved wrong, we should also try to spread what seems to be the most true brain knowledge today, and continue to study and learn to seek the hidden truth.In such discussions, I often found that the existing research could not answer many of their questions, which also encouraged me to continue to strengthen my study and reflect on my own research issues.While basic research may not always be useful soon, the ultimate goal is to address real needs.Especially for brain scientists who study human brain learning, such responsibility cannot be shirked.The brain is one of the most complex things in the world, capable of understanding the vast world externally and the complex self internally.The fundamental difference between man and animal lies in the highly developed brain in our head.Therefore, exploring the secrets of the brain has become an important part of human understanding of themselves.A global brain research boom is churning out new discoveries that are upending what we’ve long taken for granted about the brain.The complex brain is a mystery even to adults, let alone children.We want our children to have a better understanding of themselves from an early age so that they can grow up healthy, and we want to plant the seeds of brain science in their minds so that they can explore the mysteries of the brain with brain scientists when they grow up.And parents, too, want to know what kind of magical changes are going on in their children’s brains as they grow up.Xue GUI, the speaker of “Brain Secrets for Children”, hopes that you, the father and mother of your child, can accompany your child to listen to science captain. With your company, your child can walk into the palace of science through affection and encouragement, and you can know him better and take better care of him.I hope that through the science team leader, you and your children can establish a strong bond that is not only full of love and affection but also rational and scientific.