Who was Payne Six Way made by Changmen?There are seven people in the six ways, and the six are also related to jilai

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In Naruto, Payne six way is xiao organization leader changmen with samsara eye ability to control the six bodies, because changmen can not move and created to replace his puppet action.So who were the bodies that The Longmen chose as Payne Six Roads?Tiandao: The disciple miyan Tiandao Payne is the apparent leader of the xiao organization, and the manufacture of Tiandao Peien is the former leader of the Xiao organization Miyan.We all know that Mihiko was very good friends with Xiaonan and Changmen, who were also disciples of Zailai.As a result, Nagamen has great respect for Yayhiko, and the tendo Payne created by Yayhiko’s corpse is also the most important of the six Payne paths for Nagamen.Whether it is long let dawn Payne as the leader of the organization, or long in the battle is still concerned about whether it will damage miyan’s body, or long the samsara eye the most powerful control of gravity and repulsion ability to use the day, you can see the importance of MiYan for the long door.Hellway: Religious Leaders encountered during his travels Hellway Payne was a leader of an unknown religion whom he met during his travels. He was a man who taught people to avoid disaster through prayer in troubled times.He chose to pray in the face of disaster to avoid, to zailai also greatly inspired, so this man also appeared in zailai’s masterpiece “Strong Perseverance Endure Biography”.This religious leader was made into hell Way Payne by changmen after his death, and can summon and control Yan, who can not only judge whether the people caught lie, but also repair the damage of other Payne, which is very powerful in information collection and assistance.Shurado: Shurado Payne, a puppet master encountered during zailai’s travels, was also a character in zailai’s travels and recorded in the biography of Perseverance and Endurance.The difference is that Shuluo Paine was a puppet teacher, he thought that fate is not looking for, people will accept the fate of the coming.Created after his death, the Shurado-Paine can summon a variety of powerful modern weapons and is responsible for the main attack mission in paine’s six paths.Am way: jiraiya the grass hidden in the tavern village ninja am Payne living is met at the tavern in jiraiya grass Yin village ninja, and face a war of choice to pray the hell way Payne before and in the face of war of choice destiny shura, Payne was different, the grass hidden village ninja chose has been complaining, and the world is very unhappy.This attitude of complaining can be said to be a very typical one, so it was also recorded in the Life of Strong Perseverance, and was made into Penn by Longmen after his death.Gaki Dao Payne is capable of absorbing chakra and ninjutsu and is very good at defense.Payne Mi-Mi-do was a taki village ninja whom Arai met during his travels. He chose to become a teacher to teach children how to survive in the midst of war.Compared with the above several people, the long hidden village ninja although also more negative, but also did their own strength to let young to have a chance to survive, although not as good as the long gate also teach people face the power of war, but also enough to say is very good people.After all, if it were not for the long gate with samsara eye, suspected prophetic son, zilai might not even teach them how to face the war.The human Dopayne, created after his death, is capable of capturing memories and souls and is very good at gathering information.During Payne’s invasion of Kanoba, Nagate learned of Naruto’s presence on Miaoki Mountain by absorbing mute’s memory through Payne’s ability to do so.Although naruto arrived in Kiba before the battle was over, this information was of little use.Animal way: and from the wind demon clan ninja, rain hidden village ninja ziyang flower animal way Penn was also from the same to also know and may even be recorded in the “strong perseverance endure biography” in a ninja.The ninja was born in the wind demon clan, and from the battle, was also with pain without a row on the forehead after hurriedly fled, after there is no plot.Of course, such a simple battle would be remembered by a battle-hardened sanren, who must also have a very typical attitude towards war.In addition, perhaps due to the fact that he had fought with Jilai before his death, the beast Dao Penn was not only destroyed twice by Jilai, but also directly brought back to the village of Muha, which also led to the birth of the new beast Dao Penn.New animal Payne is the only living and tap has no intersection ninja, her name is ziyang flowers, is a very young female ninja, rain hidden village affected by small speech, chose to follow xiao group, has also participated in the sand hidden village and konoha village held a second endure in the exam, it’s a pity that she was promoted to endure after in an s-class mission in sacrifice.Perhaps because she was very fond of collecting psychic beasts, she was made into a beast named Dauphin, who was capable of channeling many psychic beasts.In addition, the name, identity and experience of female animal way are not detailed in the cartoon, all the above are original animation group.Summary Throughout the life of Payne liu Dao, we will find that in addition to the new beast of Payne dao created after the death of Laiya, all of the previous Payne Liu Dao are from Laiya also travel encountered and recorded in the “Strong Perseverance endure legend” in the ninja.Coincidentally, Changmen and others are also characters that zilai also met in his travels, and zilai also created the inspiration of “Strong Perseverance endure Biography” is also derived from Changmen.However, although the long gate because of the death of Miyan has chosen a different road and zailai also, but still choose zailai also known characters as Payne six way, and also let the inheritance of zailai also will miyan made tiandao Payne as Payne six way and xiao organization leader, this is why?Perhaps long heart is still identify with the concept of zai also, even if he wants to let the world feel pain, will not forget to let Zai also and Mihiko witness the peace they are about to bring, this may also be one of the reasons naruto mouth dun long gate will be convinced.What do you think of the seven people who lived before Penn six?Follow the swordsman and talk about our favorite anime.